TEGA’s exterior bolted SAG mill liner designs eliminate the risk of an accident associated with this task inside the mill

The solution eliminates the presence of the operator inside the mill, thus guaranteeing greater safety. In addition, it facilitates saving time in the assembly and removal circuit of mill linings.

A fully proven solution that can add value to mining companies in terms of safety is the external bolted liner system for ball and SAG mills, offered by Tega Industries.

It is an alternative to the traditional method of installing mill linings, promoted by the company specialized in understanding, studying, improving and increasing the availability of classification and wear equipment used in mining, with a focus on adding value in matters of security.

“We are leaders in the development and implementation of this external bolting system in linings for SAG mills, without encountering any inconvenience”, highlights Víctor Moreno, Sales Manager of Tega Industries Chile.

against high risk

The executive explains that the conventional assembly of these wear elements requires the installation of a bolt from inside the mill, to then place the respective nut outside of it.

“Although the positioning of the shell is done by a machine that is handled by an operator, in the process people are needed who are inside the mill to place the bolt once the lining is placed on the structure of the mill,” he details. .

Moreno warns that this maneuver has a high risk potential, since the worker is very close to the piece of cladding and the machine that handles it. “A piece of cladding can weigh between 1,500 kg and 4,000 kg approximately. Therefore, if there were any damage or failure, the potential energy that it has when being held by the manipulator could generate a serious or fatal accident, as has happened in world mining history from which we, as a country, are not outside. ”.

For this reason, and although Tega Industries also provides the traditional system, it recommends its clients to install mill linings with external bolting for the value it adds in: reduction of time in the assembly-disassembly circuit, robustness of mill lining designs , but, above all, it eliminates the risk of accidents for workers inside the mill, associated with the installation of mill linings.

“Exterior bolting eliminates the operator’s involvement inside the mill. The only one who is in contact with the coating is the one who manipulates the machine. Therefore, the risk of an accident within the team is eliminated”, indicates Moreno.

overall interest

Despite the fact that the mining industry is usually somewhat conservative when testing new technologies, the executive anticipates that the firm is already in talks with important national and international companies, which are very interested in adopting this system in their SAG mills for the advantages it offers for the safety of people.

“We have already introduced this system in SAG and Ball mills in mining companies with large mills, but much remains to be done. That is why we invite the mining market to incorporate this tool, considering that for all its actors the protection of workers should be a priority”, he adds.

Time saving

Moreno maintains that the benefits of the solution are not only related to security. “Because of having external bolting, customers have seen a saving of between 5% and 10% of the total hours associated with the change of mill linings, particularly in the installation-removal circuit”, she specifies.

“In order to incorporate it into SAG mill linings, it is necessary to know not only how to design the bolt with the bushing, which acts as a nut, but also to know how to manufacture the complete lining to achieve the performance required by the client, our objective has always been to overcome it. That is what we have done as Tega, with excellent results”, concludes the executive.

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TEGA’s exterior bolted SAG mill liner designs eliminate the risk of an accident associated with this task inside the mill