Tlaxcala capital will party

Tlaxcala capital will party

September 28 – 2022

From October 1 to 3, the ‘Santa María Festival’ will be held; access will be free

Heading to the 500th anniversary of its foundation as a City, Tlaxcala is preparing to celebrate in a big way with cultural, artistic and gastronomic activities.

During the first three days of the coming month of October, a varied program will be developed that is associated with the purpose of highlighting the destination brand: ‘Tlaxcala, capital of origin of Mexico’.

The name of the series of events is: Santa Maria Festival.

The origin, explained President Jorge Corichi, is because among the Marian invocations, La Asunción is the one with the greatest longevity in continental America; This is due to the presence of the Franciscan evangelizers who arrived in this part of America on August 13, 1523, curiously two years after the fall of Tenochtitlán. Their names were Pedro de Gante, Juan de Ahora and Juan de Tecto, who we know visited the old tianguis of Ocotelulco where they tried with little success to explain the new doctrine to the natives of this land.

The presence of those first missionaries, he abounded, was reinforced by ‘The twelve Franciscans’, and together with them he traveled and was present in the valley of Puebla and Tlaxcala Santa María de la Asunción, because of that invocation of the Virgin Mary the Patron Saint of the Franciscans.

The Mayor recalled that this is how a long tradition began that is about to celebrate 500 years between the Tlaxcalan community and the representation of the Virgin Mary. A relationship that did not remain only on paper or in the history books, but has borne fruit in the patron saint festivities of our capital city and in other neighboring communities and, of course, on the altars of numerous temples that under various styles Artists have centered the figure of the Assumption in Tlaxcalan art and its spirituality, also including the first community festivals dedicated to that figure that were present in the lower atrium of the Franciscan Complex and today are among the oldest in this City.

Accompanied by the director of the INAH Tlaxcala Center, José Vicente de la Rosa; the priest Francisco Rodríguez Lara, the writer Luis Pérez Cruz and Fernanda Macías, municipal coordinator of tourism, President Corichi made it clear that the Administration that is honored to preside ‘goes to the origin’ and recovers the image and ascendancy of Santa María de the Assumption to name the aforementioned revelry.

Similarly, he stressed that the day before, the Tlaxcala Council voted unanimously on his proposal to deliver the City of Tlaxcala Medal to the tourism service providers who have contributed to the birth of the industry for the capital, who ‘have done not in any age but in the age of a terrible disease’.

Corichi confirmed that the capital government is taking firm steps towards the birth of the tourism industry. We have already painted more than 65,000 square meters of facades in the Historic Center in coordination with INAH, he said. He confirmed that a successful program of artistic and cultural presentations has been launched in the first square, “in a space that belongs to all of us, not just motorists.”

Tlaxcala capital will party