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There are many ways to strengthen your faith and grow your path of holiness. Of course, prayer, liturgy, the practice of the sacraments and the daily exercise of charity are essential. To that the psychologist Guillermo Dellamary adds 10 notes

There are many ways to strengthen your faith and grow your path of holiness. Of course, prayer, liturgy, the practice of the sacraments and the daily exercise of charity are essential.

We want to add some important points that help you grow in your spiritual life and perhaps you had not contemplated them.

Important points

Let’s see what they are:

1. – Live with devotion having a life dedicated to testify to the love that is given to God, living in charity.

2. – Let that charity be noticed by being kind to everyone, without exception and at all times, including himself.

3. –really understand and forgivewhat people do to you and can make you uncomfortable or offend.

4. – To be respectfulwith all the manifestations of life and try not to destroy or damage them.


5. –Try to see in everything created its beauty and enjoy it.

6. –Take care not to show off your religiosity and underlining your morality. What is genuine does not require trying to show it with a certain petulance.

7.- Ignorance is the source of many of the mistakes we make. Therefore try to cultivate our knowledge of the doctrine and Magisterium of the Church It is a very important discipline.

8. –Do everything with true humilityleaving our life in God’s hands and assuming our responsibility in a more conscious way, trusting fully in his blessed will.

9. –Stop seeking profit and selfish convenience for the good you do and practice more what you do for others, in silence and without expectations. What your right hand does, the left does not know.

10. – Be very clear that simplicity and simplicity work wonders on your spiritual path, to neither complicate nor do fancy things and complex.

These considerations are based on the need to live practicing the faith more, as an authentic testimony, rather than flaunting it.

Many times we come to believe that by doing the minimum we are already complying. And we stop doing our daily task, which consists of perfecting the spiritual path that we have chosen, and we have also offered to the Lord.

The end of the year is a good time to take stock of how our spiritual work is going, what we can improve to start next year with the effort to increase the testimony of our faith.

Questions you can ask yourself

Ask yourself questions to improve.

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You can also review the following important points:

A) Have I tried thank the lord for everything I have and have received throughout the year?

B) Have I blessed the food we eat every day?

C) How much time have I dedicated to one spiritual reading profitable?

D) To perfect my love, it is necessary to practice the theological and cardinal virtues. How much have I done?

E) Have I managed to correct some of my defects and have I improved my qualities?

F) Have I been able to give more importance to my family than to my work and other sports activities or with my friends? Or is it still the same old pattern?

G) How many changes did I manage to achieve from my resolutions at the beginning of the year?

H) Did I take better care of my money and achieve greater savings and less waste on useless things, or did I stay the same?

I) Was I able to do something extra and visit a sick or distant relative and bring them my love and charity, or have I still put it aside?

J) Did I practice the fast Or some other sacrifice, for love of God and others?

K) Did I put more care in taking care of my health by improving your eating habits and exercise, or do I still lack the discipline and willpower to do so?

They look like details but, after all, the holiness is built on them.

Life is healthier and with less stress and suffering, to the extent that we live it more spiritually.

So that nothing falls on deaf ears

Some people refuse to believe it and do not give adequate importance to living a balanced and harmonious life. You need to be convinced that practice is also required in spiritual life. Therefore it takes tenacity, perseverance and perseverance. A determined and determined effort.

That is why it is said that the true Christian is distinguished by his firmness in the effort and dedication he puts into to its improvement in living with the teachings of the Gospel and the beautiful examples of life, of the saints and doctors of the Church.

One more year of life and opportunities to grow. Let’s not throw it on deaf ears and, at least, let’s focus on something simple to resume our spiritual life.

Nobody is going to do it for you. Assume your responsibility and, whenever you want, start your new stage of life, being a little better than before. But let it be noticed.

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