Roberto Pettinato’s new life while staying away from the media

More than ever, Roberto Pettinato is in a stage of connection with God, deep spirituality and reading the Bible. In addition, he is campaigning against drugs, especially since his son Felipe is admitted to a rehabilitation clinic after the fire in his apartment where his friend, the neurologist, died Melchor Rodrigo.

Born in Buenos Aires on December 15, 1955, the musician and conductor is an emerging celebrity from his time in one of the most emblematic rock bands of the 80s. He was the Sumo saxophonistwhere Luca Prodan was the singer, Ricardo Mollo and Germán Daffunchio the guitarists, and Diego Arnedo the bassist.

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After the dissolution of Sumo after the death of Prodan, Roberto Pettinato began to venture into the media. In the late 90’s he found his first peaks of popularity when co-led Midnight Orsai with Gonzalo Bonadeo, in TyC Sports. But The great leap was made when, since 2002, he was in charge of indomitablewhich catapulted his media career.

Roberto Pettinato: bullying and spirituality

The musician and conductor recently had an in-depth chat with Dante Gebel for the program Dante’s divine night, where he spoke very decisively for the two issues. On the one hand, she said: “I have never heard of anyone who has done badly for read two lines of the bible. We are in a moment where the world did not do very well and those things calm you down”.

And on the other hand, he stated: “I will never be a part of the people who say ‘I tried the drug and nothing happened to me.’ My children don’t know if I tried or not, but they know that I know and that’s it. I am a guy who comes from rock and I know the things that surrounded me”.

Roberto Pettinato explained to the pastor Dante Gebel that he came to him through a taxi driver in Buenos Aires, who recommended him because “Gebel had mentioned him a couple of times and it would do him very well.” So he googled it, called him and the pastor was very interested in the musician’s spirituality and connection with the Bible.

Roberto Pettinato together with his son Felipe. (Photo: DYN)

I always say: one leg in the Universe and the other on Earth. That always does good. I don’t know anyone who has done anything wrong to meditate or read the Bible”, said Pettinato, who immediately in that first telephone conversation accepted the interview on the screen of The nine.

And he added: “The world has not done very well. we are not in a wonderful world (Wonderful World), as Louis Armstrong sang and died. The world failed all plans. The remaining plan is not to become a fanatic, but to become spiritualized in some way. Being at peace for a while is achieved with spirituality, not with a shooting film”.

In that same sense, the former Sumo saxophonist stated that spirituality and the Bible also helped him with his evolution and growth. “You can’t stay the same person. Sometimes you have to swallow the anger and shut uphe told the pastor.

Roberto Pettinato was a national rock figure as a Sumo saxophonist (Photo: Telam)
Roberto Pettinato was a national rock figure as a Sumo saxophonist (Photo: Telam)

The musician has been away from the media since he was accused by several co-workers of harassment. Among them, Ernestina Pais, Karina Mazzocco, Úrsula Vargues, Fernanda Iglesias, Martina Soto Pose, Mariela Anchipi, Josefina Pouso and Emilia Claudeville, among others.

Roberto Pettinato’s new life while staying away from the media