LGTBI group promotes a pagan cult of modern witchcraft

The Spanish LGTBI group COGAM spreads the neopagan cult of Wicca, a modern movement of witchcraft with three degrees in whose rites nudity prevails

On December 14, the Spirituality section of the Spanish LGBTI organization COGAM promoted an event on Wicca led by a man who introduces himself as Roble Tormenta, founder of the “Sanctuary of Eros”.

The religious section of COGAM presents itself as “interfaith, ecumenical, diverse and inclusive”.

The priest of the diocese of Plasencia, Fr. Francisco Torres, who works as an exorcist, explains to ACI Prensa that Wicca is “a well-known modern witchcraft movement that mixes elements of the New Age with witchcraft and the 2030 Agenda.”

The link with the 2030 Agenda is that in their philosophical and thought bases and in their rituals “they mix environmentalism, animalism, gender ideology, homosexuality, etc.”

Roble Tormenta presents himself at the conference organized by the LGTB group as a bisexual person and as “a cis, white man with all the privileges that this entails.” On his personal website he defines himself as “the millennial witch”.

Tormenta also assures that “witchcraft is so deep within my being that it could not be anything other than a witch.”

He currently works as “First Degree Priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca” in the Sanctuary of Eros that he himself has founded.

He did it “to be able to explain different models of masculinity that were not heteropatriarchal masculinity and to explore the LGBT within the spiritual.”

Storm defines Wicca as a religion in which “you worship a divine polarity” and in which all the people who practice it “are witches,” although, he warns, “not all witches are Wiccans.”

Without explicitly alluding to the Catholic Church, Tormenta calls on “the people who put the dogmas” to start being “inclusive without conditions” because “if God has created you like this, why are you going to be created badly?”

The Catholic Church affirms in its catechism (numbers 2357, 2358 and 2359) that those with same-sex attractions “must be received with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Any sign of unjust discrimination against them shall be avoided”.

Homosexuality is “objectively disordered” as a trend and, in the opinion of the Magisterium, it constitutes “a real test” for the majority of those who experience it.

Since they are “intrinsically disordered” acts, the Catholic Church affirms that “they cannot receive approval in any case” since “they do not come from a true affective and sexual complementarity”.

For the Church, “people homosexuals are called to chastity” and “can and must gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection” through the support of “disinterested friendship, prayer and sacramental grace”.

On the Wiccaspain.es website, it is specified that Wicca contemplates a kind of “lineages” of the “initiatory, even apostolic” type and that in its rites, “nudity is not mandatory, but necessary”.

Regarding the Catholic Church, it is stated that “it is the largest sect in the world” in an article dedicated to Cardinal Rouco Varela to reinforce the ministry of exorcism in the Archdiocese of Madrid with the appointment 8 in 2013.

It also maintains that priests are magicians “because when at mass they turn wine into blood and bread into the body of Christ, they are performing a ritual.”

LGTBI group promotes a pagan cult of modern witchcraft