Double appointment with “The color room” by Anna Seccia: first in Pavia and then in Pescara

Anna Seccia’s Room of Color arrives in Pavia with a performance scheduled at the Villa Gaia Foundation on Saturday 2 July at 2.30pm.
But then the Seccia will also have an appointment in Pescara: at the Spazio Bianco on Thursday 7 July at 18:30.

They will be two new moments of art, culture and sociality for the Abruzzo artist.

Two performances with a profound human and social character that have always been the basis of the work-project conceived by Anna Seccia with the aim of involving all those who want to be part of it, both as an audience and as active participants. And this is in fact the spirit with which she prepares to leave for Pavia where, on Saturday 2 July at 2.30 pm, she will participate with a happening of relational art at the inauguration of the Gender Library and the Documentation and Research Center of Female Labor. within the Villa Gaia Foundation.

«I am proud to take part in the project», Seccia says, «I thank Isa Maggi for having wanted me on such an important day. The goal is to actively involve the public who will participate and to give everyone, through the vibrations and emotions of colors, a message of hope and light to all the women and their children who, thanks to Villa Gaia, return to smile. I hope my Color Room can really be of help ». The work, with the subsequent intervention of the artist in his Pescara studio, will then be donated to Villa Gaia in memory of the experience and as a message of trust and hope. Villa Gaia is an ancient customs house near the Po river a few kilometers from Pavia; the Foundation was born by the will of Isa Maggi, president of the General States of Women, who realizes a dream to help women victims of violence with their children and in economic and social fragility to redesign their new life together in the name of rebirth by promoting and supporting national and international projects that favor the overcoming of these barriers and the full expression of the self.

Help, sharing and solidarity at the base of the Pavia happening that will pass the baton to the discovery of the territory and spirituality through colors, in Pescara: on Thursday 7 July at 18.30 in fact the “Room of Color” is waiting to be realized with the audience of Spazio Bianco. Here, too, people will be invited to put their creativity and imagination on canvas; in this case the performance is linked to the event that took place a few days ago in Bomba. Anna Seccia in fact participated in a regional project for over 60 promoted by the General States of the Women Hub in the church of San Mauro a Bomba. The work created in the Chieti village and the one that will be created in Pescara, will then be worked by the artist and donated to the Abruzzo Region.

«Thanks to Pina Rosato and Rosaria Nelli with the States General of the Women Hub», Seccia concludes, «for organizing a wonderful day under the guidance of Carla Martorella who made us appreciate the beauty of places in the name of knowledge. Thanks to all the participants who let themselves be enveloped by the vibrations of color to express their emotions and spirituality in a ‘Room of color’.

Double appointment with “The color room” by Anna Seccia: first in Pavia and then in Pescara