The weekly lessons will be held by the instructor Juana Zannotti and will be held at the headquarters of Corso Galileo Ferraris 60 in Chivasso

The Asd Hope Running Onlus is well disposed towards collaborations with other realities in the area. “Together, we always win” is the mantra of the Chivasso association led by president Giovanni Mirabella, which relies on the availability of a good number of volunteers to give life to ambitious projects and events, always in the sign of solidarity. The Trail delle Colline, a race that takes place in October in the green heart of the Chivasso hills and the nature trails of Castagneto Po and which every year supports important social projects, is certainly the best known, but not least they are “Dream Hunters “, A project aimed at raising awareness among primary school pupils on the values ​​of inclusion and solidarity through direct testimonies, and” Hope Running on the Road “, an itinerant trip in which children and adults can” pedal “on handbikes adapted for recreational use, that the association makes available to its members for participation in sporting events, such as the prestigious handbike Giro d’Italia.

The latest project promoted in chronological order is Atma Yoga No Limits, an initiative born with the intention of launching an Atma Yoga course aimed at people with disabilities in Chivasso. The lessons, held by yoga instructor Juana Zannotti, are focused on spirituality, on the activation of energy circuits and adapted to people with disabilities. Juana herself presents the new project as follows: “I became a yoga instructor through the Atma Namastè association of Rende, Calabria, and I trained both in teaching and in Pranic Healing, a simple and effective therapy thanks to which can recover your health and speed up the healing process. In recent years I have activated Atma Yoga courses in San Mauro Torinese and Settimo Torinese and, after coming into contact with the Asd Hope Running Onlus, I started thinking about a No Limits course functional to people with disabilities to take to the headquarters. of Corso Galileo Ferraris 60 in Chivasso ”.

The meeting with the young Chivassese Chiara Varuzza triggered something magical in the heart of Juana herself: “Chiara took part in the lessons, giving me her body and her mind. She liked it right away, we are continuing to work together on a weekly basis and we want to extend the course to other boys, girls or people with disabilities. The initiative will be absolutely free, but those who want to can make an offer of 1 euro per lesson to support the Asd Hope Running Onlus and its solidarity projects, as a sign of support and energy reward for hospitality. At the same time, we will always create an Atma Yoga course in Chivasso for the able-bodied, for a fee. Come and meet us, take a trial lesson and get closer to the spiritual dimension of yoga, an age-old discipline that is a union of body, mind and breath, and which will allow you to search for the authentic being that is within each of us “.

Chivasso – Atma Yoga No Limits: Yoga for people with disabilities at Asd Hope Running Onlus – Monferrato Web TV