Unique and exceptional event for the XVI edition of the Festival of Art and Faith. Kantiere Kairòs in the Cathedral with “Cantate Inni”

The last two years, so strongly marked by the pandemic, have also affected the programming of the International Festival of Art and Faith, organized for the past 16 years by the Iubilarte Cultural Association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Orvieto, the Diocese of Orvieto -Todi, the Chapter of the Cathedral and the Opera del Duomo of Orvieto. Two weeks of meetings and testimonies with representatives of the varied world of culture and with contemporary masters of spirituality. Distinguished guests, music, shows, film previews and exhibitions. An ideal journey – from Pentecost to Corpus Domini – to be lived intensely, every year, as a time of preparation and renewal. In 2020 the first lockdown had forced a suspension of the Festival as happened, moreover, to all cultural events on a national scale. In the impossibility of carrying out events in presence, the organization had preferred not to propose an edition in the Zoom version, considering the real presence of guests and public a fundamental element of the life of the Festival itself.

Last year, the first event again in attendance, immediately after the second lockdown, with the presentation of the novel “Everything asks for salvation” by Daniele Mencarelli, winner of the 2020 Strega Giovani Prize, an intense story of suffering and hope, of questions burning and bright discovery. Even in the face of this year’s persistent health emergency, however, the organization was forced to “limit” the ferment that animates the city for two weeks and immerses it in a lively atmosphere of celebration, choosing to propose a unique event in the 2022 edition of Art and Faith.

“This year, despite the difficulties in the planning and programming phase of the Festival – explains the artistic director, Alessandro Lardani – the chosen formula is that of a single major event of national caliber. The Festival will host in the Duomo the preview of the Cantate Inni tour by Kantiere Kairòs, one of the most interesting and original bands of the pop-rock panorama of Christian music in Italy. We plan to return to a full program of Arte Fede in 2023, starting from that legacy of beauty preserved in the collective memory and continuing the path undertaken in recent years. We want the Festival to remain a living experience of culture and spirituality embodied in time and space in the most significant places in Orvieto, a city-cathedral-stage that embraces everyone, the city on the mountain that cannot remain hidden “.

In preparation for the Solemnity of Corpus Domini, the band Kantiere Kairòs will be in concert, as anticipated, Wednesday 15 June at 9 pm, in the splendid setting of the Cathedral, for the national preview of the new album “Cantate Inni” in an acoustic version. The band Kantiere Kairòs, formed by Antonello Armieri (vocals and acoustic guitar), Davide Capitano (bass), Gabriele Di Nardo (drums and percussion) and Jo Di Nardo (guitars) was born in 2013 (For more information: https://www.kantierekairos.it). The choice of a name that means “time of grace, a favorable moment” is due to the fact that they feel like workers on a construction site, working for their own conversion and for proclaiming God’s love through music.

The scheduled event is therefore the heart of this edition of the Festival, which aims to “enhance the relationship between art and faith” with the aim of “involving everyone, religious and lay, intellectuals and artists, believers and non-citizens, , foreigners and pilgrims, to celebrate a permanent jubilee in Orvieto on the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ “.

The International Festival of Art and Faith of Orvieto has hosted in recent years leading figures from the world of culture including: Angelo Branduardi, Roberto Vecchioni, Claudia Koll, Amedeo Minghi, Susanna Tamaro, Massimo Cacciari, Franco Nero, Giacomo Poretti, Paolo Cevoli, Giovanni Scifoni, Giulio Base, Guido Chiesa, Alice Rohrwacher, P. Enzo Bianchi, P. Antonio Spadaro, P. Bernardo Gianni, Mons. Dario Viganò, Paolo Ruffini, Marco Tarquinio, Don Fabio Rosini, Card. George Pell, Mons.Marco Frisina, Mons.Timothy Verdon, Don Ivan Maffeis, Chiara Amirante, Sister Cristina, Kantiere Kairòs, Debora Vezzani, Costanza Miriano, Don Maurizio Patriciello, Don Luigi M. Epicoco, Sister Anna Nobili, Ambrogio Sparagna, Davide Rondoni, Daniele Mencarelli, Fabrizio Maria Cortese, Antonio Socci, Marco Guzzi, Corrado Augias, Alessandro Zaccuri, Mimmo Muolo, Gerolamo Fazzini, Franco Nembrini, Roberto Filippetti, Mino Milani, Antonella Anghinoni, Rino Cammilleri, Pino Strabioli, Guido Barlozzetti, G ianfranco Vissani, Riccardo Cotarella, Luca Tomassini, Karin Coonrod, Bruce Herman, Natalia Tsarkova, George Campbell and many other important scholars of the most prestigious universities in the world: Cambridge University, Yale University, University of Sydney, University of Geneva, University of Perugia, Pontifical Gregorian University, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Theological Faculty of Central Italy, Pontifical Lateran University, as well as national and international choirs, orchestras and theater companies (Compagnia dé Colombari, Compagnia Jobel Teatro, Compagnia Fattore K, etc.).

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Unique and exceptional event for the XVI edition of the Festival of Art and Faith. Kantiere Kairòs in the Cathedral with “Cantate Inni”