The Mercat season puts the focus on Taiwan and Norway

The Mercat de Flors will focus next season on artists from Taiwan and Norway, with a large international presence. The programme, which includes festivals such as Sâlmon and the Circ d’ara mateix, has more than 52 proposals, 14 of them are co-productions. “Dance and bodies from very diverse geographies and current issues such as feminisms, changing identities, gender, spirituality, community, precariousness, hopelessness and the future cross the season,” he said. Angels Margarit at the presentation of the programming where there are shows for all tastes and ages.

The good moment of dance in Taiwan can be felt through shows that combine modernity and tradition such as ’13 tongues’ of the acclaimed Cloud Gate and ‘Floating flowers’ by B.Dancetwo large-format pieces that contrast with the intimacy of ‘Beings’of the winner Wang Yeu-Kwne.

Norway will also have a leading role with creations: ‘Medium’, by Ingri Fiksdal with Núria Guiu, a solo that will be completed with the premiere of ‘Supermedium’, a large format proposal; ‘But then, we’ll disappear (I’d prefer not to)’, a large-format piece by the prestigious national company white card and Daniel Mariblanca will present ’71 Bodies’, a project inspired by the gender transition process that consists of a photographic exhibition, an installation and a solo.

International dance will also open the season on September 27 with ‘Beytna’from the Lebanese company Omar Rajeh / Maqamata celebration of life with dance food cooked live.

more debuts

Other international debuts at the Mercat are those of the Canadian Catherine Gaudet with ‘The pretty things’an award-winning cathartic journey from conformity to liberation and solo ‘Se dissuaded’, and that of the French Lara Barsacq with her hybrid dance that reinterprets the Russian Ballets in a feminine and feminist key with ‘The great nymphe’ and recovers the figure of Nijinska, the sister of the famous dancer Nijinsky, in ‘Fruit tree’. Other interesting proposals will also arrive from France, among them, the interesting mix of circus and dance ‘Corps Extremes’, by Rachid Ouramdane; ‘Silent legacy’, by Maud Le Pladec and ‘Tragedie, new edit’, that Olivier Dubois has come back with 14 of the 18 original protagonists of this monument of contemporary dance.

Keersmaeker and Bonachela

The fans of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker will be able to see her dance to Bach with ‘Goldberg Variations’ with Alain Franco at the piano and lovers of Sydney Dance Company will once again be able to enjoy the Australian company that will perform three very different choreographies signed by Anthony Hamilton, Rafael Bonachela -Catalan director of the company- and by the Valencian Marina Mascarell.

At Christmas the fans of the Veronal, the most international Spanish company, will be able to discover its new creation ‘Firmament’, a work aimed at young people and adolescents that integrates dance, cinema and theater. ‘Kobe’, the last of Vero Cendoya, ‘Titans’, the new Sun Pike‘Proto’, Galician premiere Janet Novas and ‘Beneath’, by Thomas NooneThey also stand out in programming.

resident artists

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After premiering in this Grec, it will return in season ‘This is not an act of Love and resistance’project of Aina Alegre as a resident artist, a co-production starring our female performers between dancers and musicians. AND Joaquin Collado with his project ‘Towards a single black’a deconstruction of sports dance, will be the new artist associated with the Mercat.

Contemporary flamenco will return to the Mercat with two cracks of different styles: the award-winning Olga Pericet and surprise her Vanessa Aibar. The first will present the first two parts of a trilogy on the Spanish guitar of Antonio Torres and its evolution. Aibar explores dance and sound mixing flamenco with electronics, percussion and metallic chains together with the musician Enric Monfort in ‘Queen of metal’.

The Mercat season puts the focus on Taiwan and Norway