Swimming, blue party in Budapest: Paltrinieri and 4×100 mixed gold, silver Pilate

Of Arianna Ravelli, sent to Budapest

Paltrinieri gold in the 1500, the medley relay also gold medal, beat the United States. Ceccon fourth in the 50m backstroke, Pilato silver in the 50m breaststroke: Italy wants to surpass the result of medals in Gwangju

Italy’s grand finale in the pool: starting tomorrow we’ll move to Lupa Lake for open water competitions, but today the Azzurri want to finish with a bang at the Duna Arena. Thomas Cecon in the 50m backstroke: not his favorite race yesterday he improved the Italian record twice, he sees the bronze slip away due to the appeal of the United States after the disqualification of the American Ress. Goes on Blessed Pilate with a silver in the 50 breaststroke, just his race, beaten only by the Lithuanian Meilutyte (Benedetta will then return to the water also for the 4×100 medley women who in the meantime won the final). We will see a Gregorio Paltrinieri very hungry after the disappointment in the 800s: in the 1500m, in the side lane, he immediately starts strong, detaches everyone and wins the gold medal solo.

Closing in beauty with the 4×100 mixed men, gold with a world record holder (Ceccon, in fact, in the 100m backstroke) and a world champion (Tete Martinenghi in the 100 breaststroke) then Burdisso and Miressi. The women’s relay closes seventh instead. Meanwhile in artistic swimming second gold for the couple Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero and silver for the team in the highlights exercise.

Where to see the races on TV

All the matches will be broadcast live on Rai: the heats on Raisport, the afternoon finals on RaiDue. Streaming on RaiPlay. The Azzurri have already won three golds, one silver and two bronzes (in Gwangju in 2019 the booty was 8 medals: 3 golds, 2 silvers, 3 bronzes).

Program and results

Batteries 9-11

400 mixed women

1. McIntosh (Aus) 4’36”15
2. Grimes (USA) 4’36″68
3. Weyant 4’38″52
None blue
4×100 mixed men

1. Use 3’32″01
2. France 3’32″98
3. Italy 3’23″02
(Ceccon, Martinenghi, Codia, Zazzeri)
4×100 mixed women

1. Australia 3’56″77
2. Holland 3’57″48
3. Sweden 3’57″81
5. Italy 3’59″40
(Scalia, Castiglioni, Di Liddo, Di Pietro)

Finals: 18-20

Men’s 50m backstroke – Final

1. Ress (USA) 24”12
2. Armstrong (USA) 24”14
3. Masiuk (Pol) 24”49
4. Ceccon 24”51

Women’s 50 breaststroke – Final
1. Meilutyte (Ltu) 29”70
2. Pilate (Ita) 29”80
3. Van Niekerk (Ola) 29”90

Men’s 1500m freestyle – Final

1. Paltrinieri (Ita) 14’32”80
2. Finke (USA) 14’36”70
3. Wellbrock (Ger) 14’36”94

Women’s 50m freestyle – Final

1. Sjoestroem (Sve) 23”98
2. Wasick (Pol) 24”18
3. Harris (Aus) 24”38

Women’s 400 medley – Final
1. McIntosh (Can) 4’32”04
2. Grimes (USA) 4’32”67
3. Weyant (USA) 4’36”00

4×100 medley men – Final

1. Italy 3’27”51
2. Use 3’27”79
3. Great Britain 3’31”31

4×100 medley women – Final
1. Use 3’53”78
2. Australia 3’54”25
3. Canada 3’55”01
7. Italy 3’58”86

Artistic swimming

Free mixed duet

1. Minisini-Ruggiero 90.9667
2. Tomoka and Yotaro Sato (Gia) 89.7333
3. Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yijao (China) 88.4000

1. Ukraine 95.0333
2. Italy 92.2667
(Domiziana Cavanna, Lida Cerruti, Costanza Di Camillo, Costanza Ferro, Gemma Galli, Marta Iacoacci, Marta Murru, Enrica Piccoli, Federica Sala and Francesca Zunino)
3. Spain 91.9333

U water polo

Italy-Spain 12-14

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Swimming, blue party in Budapest: Paltrinieri and 4×100 mixed gold, silver Pilate