“Solidarity? It is a set of gestures that give a smile»

An uncommon sensitivity, that of Be4 Innovation and its founders Gabriele Zanon and Rita Pierandrea who also in this 2022 have decided to pay homage to a delicious and delicious moment for the most fragile people. Just a few days ago, in fact, 500 panettone were donated to some structures in the Monferrato area to give a smile to the most defenseless categories. The delivery of the panettone was made to the Cisa day care center in Nizza Monferrato, to the rest home of the Municipality of Canelli, to the Cogesa day care center of San Damiano, to the Social Canteen of Asti, to the rest home of Costigliole d’Asti and to the community “The Little Prince” of Loreto.

How and when did Gabriele Zanon come up with this idea?

«In truth, our society has always been sensitive to lonely and fragile people. We operate in the consultancy and subsidized finance sector, with a particular specialization on Enterprise 4.0 issues. Rita Pierandrea and I have imagined Be4 Innovation at the service of SMEs, in the certainty that innovating, digitizing, communicating and growing also and increasingly contemplates an ethical, sustainable, attentive attitude to others. Knowing how to look to tomorrow, believing in the future is only realistic if one looks at the past and the present with attention to the needs and hopes of those who are less fortunate. We shared this attitude, also out of personal friendship with Father GianMaria Polidoro, who was also present on the occasion of our recent Alambicco Talks, organized in Asti, and with Gerardo Navazio who presides over the Assisi Pax International association, born for years and committed to offering a peace project, as far as possible, outside of utopia”.

And so you have given life to this beautiful initiative…
“Exactly. For us and Api, peace is a concrete possibility that can emerge from a culture based on positivity. In fact, peace does not mean only the absence of war, but the human being’s ability to relate to the positive, with what follows in personal and social relationships. In short, a civilization of peace integrates the various positive aspects and makes interdependence grow on the basis of encounter and solidarity. Assisi Pax International believes it has identified a concretely applicable road to peace. We need to leave the proclaimed peace to enter the programmed peace pursued with careful vigilance. We believe in this goal and as Be4 Innovation we are committed to pursuing it».

On the other hand, your company philosophy maintains that the right direction must be found together with the entrepreneur. Also because innovation is not a goal, but a path…
“Very true. This is precisely our spirit. Father GianMaria Polidoro in his book “Economics and Spirituality” supports a correct thesis: an organization imbued with evangelical spirituality, respectful of human dignity, in solidarity and capable of creating equality, well-being and peace for all must not be a mirage. And so we continue to let ourselves be guided in this vision and proposal for an original, but above all achievable future! We did it, with Be4 and Alambicco Academy, by supporting Andrea Lanfri in his record feat for a multiple amputee climber, who guided him to the summit of Everest. And then, this summer during the “Sound Cast” concert, proposed within the Alambicco Tour program, and organized at the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti, a manor that was the stage for the B-Side Band. On that occasion, the entire proceeds were donated to the “The Little Prince” association, a residential educational community active since 1998, immersed in the green countryside of Loreto in Costigliole d’Asti. It welcomes 10 children between the ages of 6 and 10 who have been removed from their families of origin mainly as a result of provisions by the juvenile court. Part of the proceeds was also donated to Aido, the Italian association for the donation of organs, tissues and cells. And this December, for the recent initiative, I must absolutely thank all the mayors and authorities who have supported us in making this beneficial initiative a reality».

In January 2023, Alambicco Academy will then be the main sponsor of the “Gentleman Award” in Milan at the Palazzo dei Ciechi…
“Exactly. It is an important event that allows us to strengthen solid and lasting relationships with many realities, broadening our horizons also to the world of emerging young people and to women who are increasingly at the forefront in the management and organization of business processes”.

Still with a view to 2023, which paths will Be4 Innovation continue and strengthen?

«We are working on a national project which will be called Differently Disabled which will address and support the issues of physical, psychological, gender, racial, respect and protection of the female universe, in synergy with Assisi Pax International which will give us a precious support. It will be an event that will involve personalities from all sectors and will work to make disabled diversity inclusive. For our reality it is essential to create a relationship of trust, really useful to support those who turn to us from a strategic point of view. I always like to remember that the measure of intelligence is given by the ability to change when necessary. Be4 Innovation guides the entrepreneur and the company towards change, step by step, in the awareness and full responsibility that the success of a company is also partly ours. Today talking about social responsibility has become an essential sensitivity, as it configures the ability to provide answers. In this sense, social responsibility becomes the ability of companies, and of organizations in general, to provide answers to the demands of society, or to be more precise of the stakeholders. Thus the term value takes shape, but above all a new identity, which assumes not only an economic matrix, but becomes a factor of economic and social development, respecting the environment and its resources, in defense of the interests of present and future generations. And Be4 Innovation stands as an interlocutor to give life to companies that are experts not only in technical skills but also in relational skills, where reciprocity and trust can generate positive relationships».

“Solidarity? It is a set of gestures that give a smile» – www.ideawebtv.it – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo