Nicola Conte and his “Afrocosmico”: in Terlizzi a path between spirituality and new cultures

The goal is to rediscover a musical dimension beyond the border, a path between spirituality, tribal primitivism, 70’s impressions and Afrofuturism. Here is “Afrocosmico – Club culture and counterculture”, conceived by Nicola Conte, producer, musician and author, which will start on Saturday 17 December at the Mat urban laboratory in Terlizzi. In the wake of the musical experiments that have always animated his artistic career, Nicola Conte together with Cloud Danko imagines a new journey into afro inspired and club oriented sounds, only vinyl. For this first appointment they host Claas Brieler, one of the founders of Jazzanova, the most innovative German group of the 00s, in the field of nu jazz, today already with the title of “legendary” crew of Berlin DJs and producers.

Drawing on a wide range of inspirations ranging from Spiritual Afro Jazz, Afro Funk, to Tribal House and Detroit House, passing through Afrobeat & Uplifting Soul Disco, the set will travel through space and time giving life to a performance pervaded by a real dancefloor atmosphere, in search of the humanistic sound of vinyl capable of restoring music for free minds. The graphic art of the evening was created for the occasion by the South African artist Mzwandile Buthelezialready creator of artworks for artists like Shabaka Hutchings and Sons Of Kemet.

Afrocosmico addresses a new audience that may be the confluence of different generations. I never thought that music could have age and time limits. An 18-year-old already has a personality that leads him to choose to listen to a certain type of music“, explains Nicholas Conte. And he adds: “I grew up in a period in which the idea of ​​alternative culture was fundamental, there was a dynamic drive to try new things, because we didn’t feel part of a system. Today this contrast is not perceived because the other has been so overwhelmed by the fear of being different that everything seems the same. And this has also led to a lowering of the level of attention and experimentation. There is no room for research, it’s all for its own sake. Music, on the other hand, has the power to elevate the spirit and to break with a certain cultural laxity that surrounds us. It is called to do this. And you must go back to doing this”.

Cloud Danko, generation of the eighties, is another face of this project. “I am happy and honored Danko says. to be an integral part of Afrocosmico which represents a new face of the Fez, a movement that has made the musical history of the city of Bari and beyond. The most important goal for me is cultural and musical growth through sharing the fruits of our constant research on Spiritual Jazz, Afro Funk, Soul, Disco, Afrobeat and House. With Nicola Conte we have, for years, embarked on this path through “Love Flower”, a series of mixes published online that have received excellent feedback. Now we have decided to bring everything back to the club to give the possibility, even to a younger audience, of being able to get to know and dance to sounds that are very popular in clubs all over the world, but still not very popular here.”.

In the nineties in Bari there was a club capable of keeping up with those of London with an avant-garde musical programming. Those who have some silver thread in their hair today will remember it well. “Fez” this was the name of the collective, directed by Nicola Conte. A forge of artists and a development factory for new ideas. Symbol not only of a musical movement, but also a cultural one, in the broadest sense of the term, where cult films were screened and lovers of beat poetry and books by authors such as Jean Paul Sartre and Boris Vian met.

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Nicola Conte and his “Afrocosmico”: in Terlizzi a path between spirituality and new cultures