From 14 to 16 September in Monte Sant’Angelo the prologue of the Monte Sacro Festival

They will be 3 intense days those that herald the second edition of the “Monte Sacro Festival”the event that combines dance, music and theater, which will mainly develop between Mattinata and Monte Sant’Angeloand which aims to link the concepts of spirituality, growth and experimentation in places connected to a religiosity that crosses paganism, secularism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam.

Make the Gargano resonate. This is the aim of the Festival organized by the La Dramaturgie di Mattinata Association, recognized and supported by the MiC – Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Entertainment, as a multidisciplinary festival with a prevalence of music for the three-year period 2022-2024.

The official presentation will be held on 30 September next in Mattinata. In the meantime it will be possible to have a taste of the multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary art that composes it, from tomorrow Wednesday 14 September to Friday 16 September.

The stage of the prologue of the “Monte Sacro Festival” will be the Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo, the city of the 2 UNESCO sites and a candidate for the title of Italian Capital of Culture 2025.

The Festival boasts the artistic direction of Arturo Annecchinoone of the greatest living Italian composers, author among other things of the music of Peter Stein’s shows and of the soundtracks of Sergio Castellitto’s films and winner in 2021 of the “Ivo Chiesa International Award – a life for the theater”.

<< The places that are located in a part of the Gargano territory - he declared Annecchino – they have very different physical and cultural characteristics and allow the development of original site-specific projects. I am thinking of a Festival in which you can almost exclusively see original creations that cannot be repeated elsewhere, conceived in the name of sustainability, the lowest possible environmental impact, respect for nature and community creation >>.

<< This first cycle of shows of the “Monte Sacro Festival” 2022 - argue the mayor of Monte Sant'Angelo Pierpaolo d’Arienzo and the deputy mayor and councilor for education and culture of Monte Sant’Angelo Rosa Palomba – resonates with the cultural and spiritual heritage of our territory and represents the potential for innovation in the field of live entertainment that Monte Sant’Angelo and the Capitanata have to offer. We would also like to underline the strategic importance of involving young people through the new languages ​​applied to theater >>.

<< The Monte Sacro Festival - says the mayor of Mattinata Michele Bisceglia – it will accompany our territory for the next 3 years by combining popular and innovative elements, as well as a community involvement that is in line with the idea of ​​growth of this territory >>. << I express my enthusiasm for the important recognition of the Ministry of Culture obtained by La Dramaturgie with the "Monte Sacro Festival" - added Paolo ValenteCouncilor for Culture of the Municipality of Mattinata – Last year the Festival proved to be an indisputable excellence in the field of music, theater and dance >>.

The “Monte Sacro Festival” is a long-term project. During the three-year period 2022-2024, the artists will confront each year with a symbolic theme. For 2022 the theme is THE MIRROR so much so that the Festival opens, in the Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo, with a cycle of Shakespearean rewritings because the mirror is the metaphor most used by Elizabethans in relation to theater.

For this reason, the following appear on the bill:

  • “A SHAKESPEARE / MARLOWE DIGITAL DIPTYCH” by Gian Maria Cervo (Italian playwright among the most acclaimed internationally) winning project of the Foreign Ministry call for “Living in the Italian style on the stage”, originally developed and directed by director Nikolay Kolyada in Russia and subsequently restructured and staged in a new and innovative version by the director-performer Riccardo Festa;
  • THE WAR OF THE THEATERS a reinterpretation of a famous Elizabethan literary dispute, with a vitriolic reflection on our entertainment system. With texts by Gian Maria Cervo (with the contributions of Antonio Piccolo, Francesca Olivi and rapper Dado), Roberto Cavosi, Simone Corso and Francesco Salerno, and directed by Marinella Anaclerio, Flavio Albanese, Riccardo Festa and Marco Bellocchio;
  • the concert “DARIO GUIDI CANTA SHAKESPEARE” with music by Guidi himself (among the protagonists of XFactor 2014) and (among others) Rufus Wainwright;
  • the musical work “COMUS” by John Milton with music by Dario Guidi and dramaturgy by Riccardo Festa directed by Carlo Fineschi, a project that the Association has also developed thanks to a collaboration with the Venerable English College (the oldest English institution in the world outside England) where John Milton stopped in the 17th century;

For info and reservations:

mail, cell. 347 8874694

MONTE SACRO FESTIVAL, directed by Arturo Annecchino




14 September at 7.00 pm

THE WAR OF THE THEATERS by Gian Maria Cervo with contributions by rapper Dado, Francesca Olivi and Antonio Piccolo. Directed by Flavio Albanese


SATIROMASTIX or THE CONCLUSIVE EVENING OF THE 2022 RE-WRITE AWARD by Simone Corso. Directed by Marinella Anaclerio


CYNTHIA’S LAUNDRY by Roberto Cavosi. Directed by Riccardo Festa


WHAT YOU WILL by Francesco Salerno. Directed by Marco Bellocchio

15 September at 19.00



COMUS by John Milton. Dramaturgy by Riccardo Festa. Music by Dario Guidi. Directed by Carlo Fineschi. With Sara Allegrucci, Riccardo Festa, Carlo Fineschi, Dario Guidi

16 September at 19.00

A SHAKESPEARE / MARLOWE DIGITAL DIPTYCH by Gian Maria Cervo after William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Directed by Riccardo Festa. With Marco Bellocchio, Cesare Ceccolongo, Riccardo Festa, Noemi Francesca, Dario Guidi.


From 14 to 16 September in Monte Sant’Angelo the prologue of the Monte Sacro Festival