Errant Christmases the review starts on December 17 in the church of Sant’Agostino degli Scalzi artistically directed by Rosalba Di Girolamo

Baba Yaga Teatro presents the errant Christmas series in Naples from December 17 directed by Rosalba Di Girolamo

Wandering Christmases is the review that starts on December 17 in the church of Sant’Agostino degli Scalzi artistically directed by Rosalba DiGirolamo.

The cultural association Baba Yaga Theater at the church of Sant’Agostino degli Scalzi presents the review Wandering Christmases which consists of three shows that are part of the Altri Natali review organized by the Municipality of Naples.

It starts on Saturday 17 December at 19.00 with the show Mistakes with Rosalba DiGirolamo narrator and Federica Ottombrino on guitar, accordion and voice. The show is based on stories by Gabriel Garcìa Marquez, Julio Cortàzar and Eduardo Galeano.

The exhibition is organized with the contribution of the Municipality of Naples as part of the “Altri Natali” project.

Mistakes speaks of the most deceptive of feelings, of love, and of mental instability. And he does it by telling stories of life and loneliness.

Because narrating comes from the fear of being alone, because narrating embraces the listener, and so we find ourselves whole.

This hug is what Mistakes wants to give the audience: through the words and magical atmospheres of the greatest South American writers, a narrator and a singer, accompanied by the sound of a guitar and an accordion, tell stories of lives in the balance:

one woman finding herself getting on the wrong bus, another obsessively making pastries…or maybe they get lost: Mistakes tells of that moment in which the profound discovery of the other leads us to know ourselves to the point of faltering, of losing orientation and balance.

When I created this show – says Di Girolamo – I immediately thought of Federica.

We come from different artistic worlds, but I felt she was the right choice, perhaps precisely because of our differences which, when merged, multiply the emotions we want to communicate, because they arise from similar sensitivities.

I wanted to tell stories of stumbles, of mistakes precisely, because “the call of wandering is a breath that contains an invitation: come and see”:

I would like to open a reflection on the need to meet the other to discover ourselves. Just like in Errors. And it all led me to the magical universe of the greatest South American writers.

It continues on Thursday 22 December at 19.00 with the concert Boas Fiestas with Brunella Selo, Dolores Melodia and Carmine D’Aniello.

Christmas is a celebration all over the world, a riot of customs and traditions that unite people of different ethnic groups, languages ​​and religions, in a single kaleidoscopic journey that embraces all latitudes.

The concert Boas festas wants to tell the Nativity through popular traditions from all over the world, following the suggestions and stories told of Mexican, Irish, South American, Portuguese Christmas, gradually up to the Neapolitan one.

With the bloody and eclectic voices of Brunella Selo, Dolores Melodia and Carmine D’Aniello, who accompany themselves on guitar, tammorra and accordion, and the suggestive strings (guitar battente, quatro, charango, bouzouki) by Roberto Trenca, the concert Boas festas wants to celebrate the beauty and spirituality contained in the melodies and stories related to Christmas.

The review concludes on Thursday 29 December at 19.00 ITACA Mediterranean reference by Rosalba Di Girolamo from writings by Predrag Matvejevic, Jose Saramago, Konstantinos Kavafis and Worman Shire with Rosalba Di Girolamo (narrator), Marzouk Mejri (songs, winds, strings, percussion and electronic sounds).

ITACA was born from the encounter with the Mediterranean Breviary, the largest scientific-philosophical-poetic treatise on the Mare Nostro, in which Predrag Matvejevic recounts similarities and contrasts, from the architecture of lighthouses to submerged cities, from the profiles of the coasts to those of men, from the prayers to blasphemies, from persecuted religions to culinary traditions,

like that of stone broth, an ancient Mediterranean dish that symbolizes its creativity, wealth and misery. And of which he recounts the migrations of fish as well as those of men, showing us how they are not dissimilar from each other as they are essential phenomena of nature in the making:

a journey in the Mediterranean which is a journey into the Culture that generated us and, therefore, a journey within ourselves. It is imagined that to make this journey is a man who decides to embark in search of an unknown island: ITHACA, the longed-for homeland of Ulysses.

ITACA is a fairy tale: it tells of a courageous human being who asks the King himself for a boat to sail the seas in search of a place to fulfill his most human dream: to find home and peace.

ITACA is a travel diary: the man who crosses the sea tells us of tides and destinies, of the song of cicadas and seagulls, of sunny verandas and sunken ships, and in doing so he discovers himself.

ITACA is a prayer book: it tells of a dream, the much desired homeland of Ulysses, which the man who crosses the sea discovers is the journey he takes to reach it, or rather his own precious life.

ITACA tells of all of us, human beings on a journey in search of welcome and peace, the Tunisian musician and the Neapolitan actress cross the waters of the Mediterranean in words and music: Rosalba Di Girolamo’s narration blends with the ancestral songs and music of Marzouk Meijri to give voice to the voice of the Mare Nostro, made of silences and polyphonies.

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Rosalba DiGirolamoactress, director and architect, was born in Naples and lived in Florence where she works in the Krypton Company, she graduated from the school of the Teatro della Limonaia in Sesto Fiorentino;

he trained with Ugo Chiti, Francesca della Monica, Agustì Humet, Juan Guillen, Augusto Boal and Rui Frati, Pippo Delbono and in Jerzy Grotowski’s Workcenter He returned to live in Naples in 2004,

and works among others with Renato Carpentieri, Maurizio de Giovanni, Peppe Lanzetta; he collaborates with various musicians (Letti Sfatti, Ciccio Merolla, Nando deMartino, Marzouk Meijri);

writes and interprets, among others, “Employee severance treatment dedicated to safety at work”, “Nude-homage to Marilyn Monroe-a reflection on the woman’s body”, “Water-journey in the Horcynus Orca”.

In the cinema it was directed, among others, by Antonio Capuano, Terry Gilliam and Marco Tullio Giordana.

Federica Ottombrino she is a Neapolitan singer-songwriter and musician. She has been in the duo Faith ‘n’ Marlen since late 2014, where she sings and plays accordion and acoustic guitar.

The Neapolitan duo has more than 500 concerts throughout Italy, three albums, and live shows with various artists including Nada, Levante, Cristina Donà and Creig David.

The last concert was in Piazza del Plebiscito, within the review curated by Lello Arena “Stay in Naples”. As a soloist he made his debut with the show “La Cattedrale dell’acqua” at the Piscina Mirabilis in Naples.

Marzouk Meijri was born in Tebourba northeast of Tunis into a family of musicians. It is his father, a master of percussion who directs his natural talent which leads him to obtain a diploma at the Tunis Conservatory.

An attentive scholar of popular traditions, he sings and plays wind instruments (nay, zoukra and clarinet), while continuing his research in the field of percussion (bendir, tar and Tunisian tabla),

but the darbouka is the instrument with which he reaches absolute virtuosic levels.

He has lived in Naples for 25 years, where he collaborates with numerous illustrious musicians: Daniele Sepe, James Senese, Eduardo de Crescenzo, Peppe Barra, Peppino di Capri, Nuova Compagnia di canto Popolare, 99 Posse and many others.

Brunella Selo: She made her debut very young, in the 80s, in the field of folklore and popular music, later extending her vocal skills and experiments to other sound and ethnic territories, ranging from pop to jazz and contemporary classical music.

He has collaborated, also taking care of the vocal arrangements, in numerous television productions, in Italy and abroad, participating in prestigious music reviews and recording projects, such as, among others:

Claudio Mattone ‘A città ‘e Pulecenella and the soundtrack by Scugnizzi, Eugenio Bennato, Chorus Latino, Peppino di Capri, Gianluigi Di Franco, Tony Esposito, Fausto Mesolella, Avion Travel, Bruno Tommaso, Antonello Paliotti, Sergio Rendine, Roberto De Simone Daniel Sepe.

The song Tarantella del Gargano was born from the collaboration with the latter, the soundtrack of the film by Mario Martone “L’amore molesto”, presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995.

For many years Brunella Selo has been involved in the theater in the dual role of singer and actress. In 2011 Polosud Records released her work, “Io sono Ulisse”, a concept album of 11 tracks, a metaphor of life through travel and the search for new horizons.

For years, he has joined his concert activity also as a singing teacher and vocal coach, and periodically conducts stages and seminars on vocality.

Antonella Monetti, (aka Dolores Melodia) she is an actress, director, musician and singer. She studied music at the Conservatory and graduated from the Theater workshop by Vittorio Gassman, in Florence.

On TV she works for RAI as a presenter, actress and author and for Videomusic as a VJ;

participates as a regular guest at the variety show curtain raiser (RAI3) performing as an “intelligent stripper”, performing ironic stripteases while commenting on political news.

At the theater he founded with Alessandra Cutolo the company “I liberanti” made up of prisoners and ex-prisoners, and staged various shows and workshops.

From 2014, with the name of Dolores Melodia, she also begins to perform as a singer and musician, in songs from the Neapolitan repertoire. You work, among others, with Giancarlo Sepe, Manlio Santanelli, Maurizio Scaparro, in the cinema with Daniele Luchetti.

Errant Christmases the review starts on December 17 in the church of Sant’Agostino degli Scalzi artistically directed by Rosalba Di Girolamo