Dodi Battaglia: music, images, words. “In my strings”

Unpublished, brilliant, ironic, absolute master of the stage. Donato Battaglia, aka Dodi, historic guitarist of the Poohs, made his debut two nights ago on the stage of the Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan on the occasion of the national premiere of the show “IN MY STRINGS, SONGS AND SMILES”.

This is a tour that will cross Italy from North to South and which will offer the public the opportunity to get closer to the artist in a totally new, intimate, engaging way.
For the first time Dodi presents a selection of his legendary and most representative guitars of his musical career, revealing anecdotes, background, inspirations of his long, intense, vivid career. On the stage Dodi is the author and interpreter of himself in a story that runs through the many years of his career in an original way lived “holding” his beloved “girls” – as he defines them – always protagonists and always accomplices of his work and of his success.

A refined recital that brings together music, words and public and private images. A declaration of love for her “traveling companions”, for her more unique than rare guitars purchased over the years under the banner of obsessive research. Instruments built by overseas luthiers linked to the world of Rock with a capital “R”. Dodi is an Italian musician recognized and respected internationally by both colleagues and professionals, although his shy and reserved temperament has always kept him away from certain spotlights.

In this theatrical performance he “confides” through the history of the evolution of Italian music, of his experiences in the recording rooms, often with colleagues of Vasco Rossi’s reach, of his guitars proudly displayed on stage.
The public is curious, excited, intent on grasping every nuance of his words and his solfeggi. The show, which certainly will not go unnoticed, is masterfully written and directed by the well-known director Fausto Brizzi, author of the film “The night before the exams”.

The rhythm, energy, delicacy and at the same time the scenic power of Dodi and his guitars accompany the audience on a sophisticated journey made of memories, dreams, revelations, famous or less famous songs, proposed by the artist with intensity and elegance, with the unfailing passion of all time.
It is appropriate to say what the audience tells him: “Dodi, there is none for anyone!”
Throughout the show, the artist is accompanied by a female voice off screen, warm and seductive. It is “her memory of him” of him. Irreverent, provocative, hidden, the “Miss memory” questions him, teases him, teases him, inviting him to take one guitar after another. Dodi is there, gets involved, challenges “his memory of him” with wit, panache, a lot of irony and a desire to amaze.

One of the most intimate moments of this show is certainly the homage to his colleague and “brother” Stefano d’Orazio, who left in November two years ago, leaving a great void in the world of Italian pop music and in his heart. of all those who loved him. Dodi remembers it with words full of sincere affection and spirituality, giving the audience an intense and moving moment, which resulted in a warm “standing ovation”.

I am struck by the presence of a multifaceted audience: in addition to the so-called “boomers”, the theater also hosts girls and boys little more than teenagers totally immersed in Dodi’s solfeggi and virtuosity, intent on reciting all the texts of the songs of the past by heart.

His musical poetry seems suspended, without borders, without time.
Eleonora Lombardo is really interesting for her voice, determination and stage presence. Actress, singer and assistant director, she is the “Miss memory” who at a certain point reveals herself to the public, celebrates Dodi, sings with him, hugs a guitar and consolidates the enthusiasm of a driven, satisfied, decidedly happy audience.
Dear Dodi, you once told me: “Those like us don’t make them anymore”. I guess you’re right!

However, I hope that the music does not stop, that in the wake of your talent and your interest in the new generations, many new stars can be born capable of challenging each other and, why not, challenging you, perhaps playing the guitar with you.
In the meantime, enjoy the journey and have a good trip!

Upcoming Tour dates:
12 and 13 November Rome;
November 25 Assisi;
January 13 Taranto;
January 15 Lecce;
January 27 Montecatini;
3 February Varese;
February 18 Bergamo;
5 March Alexandria;
May 6 Turin.

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