They present three new samples with free admission at the Islas Malvinas Cultural Center

“[Inteligencia Natural]Human Solitudes and Great Argentine Painters, are the three exhibitions that can be visited from Saturday, July 1, with free admission, in the halls of the cultural center at 19 and 51,” it was reported this Wednesday.

In room A at 7:00 p.m. they will inaugurate [Inteligencia Natural]the 41st Group Exhibition of Espacio students [ f ] coordinated by the photographers from La Plata Fabian Scarsella and Emmanuel Lucerowho stated: “Faced with the advance of Artificial Intelligence, we want to highlight in this particular exhibition the Human Intelligence of our students and their ability to acquire tools, knowledge and awareness to solve theoretical and practical problems, to project desired situations taking into account their abilities, their creativity and their adaptation to criticism as a sum of personal growth and training, creating their own photographic concept with a variety of multiple approaches based on experience, reasoning and imagination”.

Within the framework of this inauguration will be presented “Hybrid Troupe” with an intervention of fusion and experimental dance.

On the other hand, in room B (MUGAFO), also at 7:00 p.m., the artist Juliet Warman will exhibit “Human Solitudes”, a series of engravings, woodcuts made in recent years, small and large format, with a theme that revolves around the human present, its spirituality, its dreams, its relationships with sociocultural processes through new forms mythological.

”The visual story seeks to represent in a symbolic and dreamlike way, themes related to values ​​around humanity, the spiritual and material being, narrated by characters and objects as symbols, which go through a reflective and playful atmosphere, as scenery between the present and reverie”, expressed the artist.

They will also be part of the Sonoridades y Acción gráfica event, with the music of Ximena Villaro, and accompanying Julieta Warman while she makes live recordings.

Finally, in room C, the exhibition of works by the students of the Lo De Lola Mora art workshop will be inaugurated at 4:00 p.m., this year with a tribute to the Great Argentine Artists.

Berni, Quinquela, Pettoruti, Forner, Noe, Minujin, Segui, will be present in each of the works in the sample made by 65 small artists who want to show what they did during the year.

“We gradually investigated their world, their anecdotes, their stories. Why did they want to be artists? And if it was so easy to be. We travel to another Buenos Aires, of tango and filleting. We are inspired by artists who are no longer around and others who still give us their art. Always, as Luis Felipe Noe says, immersed in artistic chaos, where there is laughter, dripping paint and a bit of disorder, why not?” explained the teacher Belen Andrade.

The samples can be visited until July 30 every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

They present three new samples with free admission at the Islas Malvinas Cultural Center – Info Blanco Sobre Negro