They call in Cuba to take advantage of endogenous resources for recreation (+ Photos)

In the debates of the permanent work commissions prior to the first ordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, in its X Legislature, the president also urged to break the inertia left by Covid-19 in this area of ​​society.

President of Cuba participates in parliamentary debates

Working commissions of the Cuban parliament continue debates

Deputies from Cuba insist on perfection of recreational services

“The pandemic paralyzed a series of projects that were planned in the area, Covid-19 left a link of inertia, but we must finish waking up and erase its effects because if we manage to save our people with our own vaccines, we can offer quality recreation,” Díaz-Canel said.

During this joint debate between the Health and Sports commissions and the Youth, Childhood and Equal Rights of Women commissions, the president stated that economic problems cannot be allowed to overcome spirituality and emotions, and for this it is vital to offer quality services.

Among the main problems in this regard, he mentioned the limitation of material resources, and in view of this scenario, he reiterated, it is imperative to seek creative solutions.

He made special emphasis on the cultural war that seeks to erase the culture and history of the peoples. In this sense, he explained that the communicative products that reach the public are very concerned, but they cannot be expected to stop consuming them, but rather work must be done to place national products on these consumption platforms and continue providing tools to people to distinguish banality and contribute to good taste.

Díaz-Canel emphasized that recreation can also serve to consolidate local or national historical knowledge, and for this to be truly effective, there must be coordination with other actors in society such as the family and the school.

“It is necessary to approach recreation from a comprehensive and holistic environment,” he said.

The Head of State also advocated for spaces for healthy and emancipatory recreation, such as reading, listening to music, exercising, spending time with the family, manifestations that -he pointed out- do not depend on the organization of state institutions, but rather on the individual ability to use leisure time according to their personal and emotional development.

He also insisted that the recreational plans have to be designed for the elderly, and that the recreation program has to be maintained throughout the year, regardless of whether it is strengthened in the summer season.

He stressed that popular and governmental control is a potential for managing prices and the proper functioning of institutions in each of the activities.

The Cuban president also referred to the urgency of exploiting the benefits of information and communication technologies, art instructors and the artistic potential in each territory.


They call in Cuba to take advantage of endogenous resources for recreation (+ Photos) – Prensa Latina