AMLO’s religious gatopardismo

A religious strategy to maintain his popularity has worked for the President of the Republic: an “admiration” for two characters, Jesus Christ and the Pope, whom he identifies by their devotion to the poor. That is, the two most important people of Christianity in its two most popular versions in Mexico, the evangelical and the Catholic. And it rises to the popularity of both religious leaders in favor of a first majority in Mexico who are the most needy, the unprotected, those who have the least… but those who vote the most.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is Catholic, but he also calls himself a Christian. He comments that he gets along very well with Pope Francis, but not with his subordinates. And that he also has a good relationship with other Ministers of Worship, although on the side of the evangelicals he has only recognized one, the less representative named Arturo Farela Gutiérrez, who by the way has no longer performed the function that the father-activist Alejandro Solalinde has of exalt more and more the Christian spirituality of AMLO.

During the morning of Monday, July 4, López Obrador shared with the attendees a segment -chosen with all intentions- of the interview granted by Pope Francis to the president of the Argentine news agency Télam, Bernarda Llorente, where the Pontiff talks about The difference between populism and popularism. While the President listened to the interview, his grimace was one of full identification with what the Holy Father commented to the journalist: “the dream of Latin American unity… with its values… that has always been a victim and has been a victim until it is released.” of the exploitative imperialisms…”.

But, Catholic bishops and evangelical pastors briefly point out that there are many characters like José Noriel Portillo Gil (El Chueco, who murdered the Jesuit priests in Chihuahua) in all the states of the country -some due to the ineffectiveness of authority and others under the protection of her. And for that reason the public demand of the cardinals and buried of the leaders of other faiths.

To justify and not make changes in his strategy against crime of “hugs and not bullets,” López Obrador commented that “everything that has to do with violence is anti-religious and anti-Christian, theologically speaking… A priest, a bishop, a pastor who must respond to violence with violence”. However, he commented: “we have a very good relationship with all the Churches (there are 9,612 registered).

The born Chief of the Armed Forces knows that there are more Mexican Catholics identified with the Pope than with the conservative bishops and that there are more evangelicals who love Jesus Christ than fifi pastors against the 4T. With this group of religious, he can continue with his flag in favor of his project, since he himself assumes himself as the standard-bearer of both characters in favor of the poor whom he must “shepherd” along paths of peace and not with weapons, as they would do. Jesus… or the Pope.

Obrador’s intention is not to unite the two creeds doctrinally, but to merge them in favor of the same project that he claims to lead: the fight for inequality. The gatopardismo agrees because it can stay well with each other for that of the votes and the continuity.

WORD OF HONOR: The opportunities to continue leading the Institutional Revolutionary Party are running out for its leader Rafael Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas. Only two of his first-rate countrymen beg his permanence: the current governor, Layda Sansores San Román, and the State Prosecutor, Renato Sales Heredia, who know that his continuation in office is proportional to the PRI’s political damage.

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AMLO’s religious gatopardismo