Who wants the skin of alternative medicine?

Doctolib’s decision to delist unregulated practitioners comes after a cabal hatched by associations denouncing pseudo-doctors, the press that belongs to billionaires and by the government which has multiplied by ten the workforce of the Miviludesthe Interministerial Mission for the fight against sects during the Covid crisis in order to fight against antivax discourse.

Doctolib will delist 5,700 unregulated patricians announced its CEO Stanislas Niox Château in the newspaper Le Monde, October 26. This decision follows the video released by the collective l’Extractorwhose objective is to denounce the pseudo-medicines, in which Irène Grosjean, a naturopath recommended to cure the fever of the young children “by rubbing their genitals” dives in icy water.

The Order of Physicians who had already filed a complaint against Professor Perronne during the health crisis, before being dismissed in the first instance on October 21, accused Doctolib of referencing professions “not falling within the medical order”.

The CEO of Doctolib decided to give in to the pressure. However, it was not very hot. In the columns of the newspaper The worldhe talked “with a strong decision”but “ which was not obvious (…) for us who are not yet profitable”. “These 5,700 practitioners pay just over 100 euros per month”.

Basically the CEO of Doctolib sits on 570,000 euros per month. “I’m not sure that the majority of digital companies would have made this choice. »

Before making its decision, the group carried out an audit with its Committee of Health Professionals, which notably consulted all the unions of the stakeholders, starting with those of naturopaths, sophrologists and other unregulated professions.

A context hostile to unregulated professions

But this audit was carried out in a context very hostile to unregulated professions. In addition to pressure from the College of Physicians and the CollectiveExtractor, NoFakeMed, an association of health professionals which aims to alert to the danger of fake medicines, campaigned against these professions. Following an investigation by this association, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention, the (DGCCRF) was particularly interested in Medoucine, a site which, as its name suggests, is a reference for “alternative medicine” practitioners. This company subsequently became the subject of an injunction for deceptive marketing practices.

Well-being is however acclaimed by the French

However, quite a few French people are fond of using this type of practitioner and are increasingly concerned about their well-being, as evidenced by their enthusiasm for yoga, another practice that has come under fire from critics. . According to a survey by the national unions of Yoga teachers, 10 million French people have already practiced it and some 7 million do it several times a week, a quarter of which would have started during the health crisis, but here again some denounce the excesses linked to this practice. But then why so much hatred?

The prosecution file released by L’Express, by Patrick Drahi on October 20

The answer is to be found in a special file published on October 20, 2022 by The Express, which is owned by billionaire and backer of Emmanuel Macron, Patrick Drahi. In this case against yoga and unregulated professions, Christian Clavel, the president of the Miviludesthe Interministerial Vigilance Mission to Combat Sectarian Aberrations, explains that “We are facing a significant increase in reports linked first to the deployment of the Internet and social networks, then to the health crisis”. “We are gradually seeing a hybridization between conspiracy and sectarian aberrations, particularly in terms of health”.

In this article we learn, for example, that “His team is following the example closely of Réinfocovid, whose promoters, anti-vaccines are showing ‘a growing proximity to individuals or groups with a sectarian and conspiratorial tendency’. “In the United States this convergence has a name: ‘conspiritualism‘, for conspiracy and spirituality”.

The article also quoted Rydi Reichstadt, the director of Conspiracy Watch who zealously demolished Professor Perronne, the day before his rehabilitation by the Disciplinary Chamber of First Instance, which ruled in his favor in the context of three procedures.

In the columns ofExpressMr. Reichstadt asserted: “With these alternative therapies, starting with naturopathy, we quickly switch to a discourse according to which ‘conventional’ medicine does not cure and only serves to enrich Big Pharma”.

Then we had the spokesperson for the National Union of Associations for the Defense of Families and Individual Victims of Sects, Pascal Duval, who declared that “Individuals are better protected when they buy a washing machine than when they consult a kinesiologist”.

We learned that “The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) carried out a second control campaign in the alternative therapy camp last year, after the one launched in 2018”.

The former president of Miviludes, Georges Fenech, for his part deplored the shedding of the GAT, a “technical support group” to evaluate unconventional therapies. According to him “Charlatans represent a danger to public health”. “Unfortunately, the authorities allow it to happen. »

George Fenech, a hardliner »

What is not said in the article is that Mr. Fenech, who had been entrusted in 2008 by François Fillon with a mission to assess the “judicial mechanisms designed to fight more effectively against sectarian aberrations”before taking the lead Miviludes had been described by the Journal le Monde as “hardliner”. He resigned in 2012, after being convicted of public defamation against the French Society for the Defense of Traditionnot.

In 2014, however, he will ask Manuel Valls to entrust the Miviludes the implementation of a “national prevention plan against the phenomenon of indoctrination with a view to recruiting candidates for jihad”.

In fact, the Miviludes which took over from the MILS (Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Sects) and the Interministerial Observatory created after the trauma of the massacres ofOrder of the Solar Templehas often been strengthened in the face of the perils that threaten our society.

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Who wants the skin of alternative medicine?