Norwegian Princess Marta Luisa gives up her royal duties to focus on alternative medicine with her shaman fiancé

Drafting BBC News World 12 minutes image source, Getty Images Caption, Marta Luisa from Norway and her fiancé, self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett, at a recent event in Oslo. Princess Martha Louise of Norway has resigned from her royal duties to focus on the alternative medicine business she runs with her fiancé, a self-proclaimed shaman. Although … Read more

Summer spiritual weekends: an alternative holiday in search of God

The Tabor House of Prayer of the Magnificat Community in Agello, home to the retreats of the summer spiritual weekends In a week in Agello, inArchdiocese of Perugia-Città della Pievepicturesque place among the green and gentle Umbrian hills that thin out towards Lake Trasimeno, will be hosted, from 8 July to 4 September, spiritual retreats … Read more

Who wants the skin of alternative medicine?


Doctolib’s decision to delist unregulated practitioners comes after a cabal hatched by associations denouncing pseudo-doctors, the press that belongs to billionaires and by the government which has multiplied by ten the workforce of the Miviludesthe Interministerial Mission for the fight against sects during the Covid crisis in order to fight against antivax discourse. Doctolib will … Read more

Conoscevate queste alternative per pregare il rosario?


“Ma come? Esiste più di un modo per recitare la corona del rosario?”.Beh, in effetti sì: il classico schema che tutti conosciamo fu reso popolare dai frati domenicani; ma, nel corso dei secoli, anche altre famiglie religiose svilupparono tecniche alternative per pregare tenendo in mano la coroncina. Un piccolo tesoro di spiritualità da riscoprire: e … Read more

The Camino de Santiago: an alternative school trip full of culture, art and religion


Like every year, with the beginning of the school year, there are many educational centers that are already looking for a end of year trip for their students, especially for those who have finished a cycle (Primary, ESO or Baccalaureate). Despite the fact that destinations with a coast and “sun and beach” tourism are becoming … Read more

“The Islamophobic climate has pushed museums to produce an alternative discourse”


Diletta Guidi has just received the prize for the first book of the Chair of Studies on Religious Facts 2022, awarded by CERI-SciencesPo Paris for her book, ‘L’islam des musées. The staging of Islam in French cultural policies’. We publish here his interview granted this summer on the occasion of our double issue. LCDL: More … Read more

Trip out of town: 5 villages near Rimini where you can spend an alternative weekend


Holidays yes but away from the crowds. Countries rich in history and culture, places where you can relax. We offer you five villages near Rimini perfect for a weekend, all about an hour from the Rimini beach. 1. San LeoA stone’s throw from Rimini is San Leo, a village located on a huge rocky boulder … Read more