The most evocative living nativity scenes to see in Italy

The Christmas it is also the period of cribs and, as per tradition, in Italy it is even possible to participate in the living ones, which are particularly exciting. But what are the absolute ones? most beautiful in our country? We have tried to select a few.

The most beautiful living nativity scenes in Northern Italy

Let’s start from Northern Italy, where the tradition is less deeply rooted than other areas of the country, but still deeply felt. In Northern Italy we point out the crib of St Blaise, in the province of Mantua, which is staged in the sports field in a scenario of silence and suggestion. This year the crib can be visited from 4 pm on 25, 26 December 2022 and 1, 6, 8 and 15 January 2023.

We then fly into the center historian of Dogliani, in the province of Cuneo, which this year on the nights of 24 and 25 December comes alive with 350 characters who revive the typical atmosphere of the time. In these parts, in fact, great attention is paid to recreating the environments, furnishings, goods, clothes of that time, the use of tools, situations, dialogues and behaviors of the time.

Suggestive is the living Nativity scene of Casanova which is presented in Varazze, in Liguria. A small Bethlehem rebuilt on the heights of the town, among olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. A setting that will take you back to the past.

The living nativity scene by is also very interesting Montefiore Basin, in the province of Rimini, nine the Nativity lives again in the incredible scenery of its fortress built by the Malatestas. In these parts, together with the Madonna, Giuseppe and the Child, there are over 150 costumed figures. This year it will be staged on 26 December 17.00-19.00, 30 December 20.30-22.00 and 1 January 2023 from 17.00-19.00.

The best living nativity scenes in Central Italy

The living cribs not to be missed in Central Italy are those of Equi Terme, in the province of Massa-Carrara, which stands out for taking place in the streets of the village between torches and candles up to the entrance of the Equi Caves, where the Nativity is represented. In 2022 it will be staged on 23 and 24 December from 20.30 to 23.30 and on 25 and 26 December from 18.00 to 21.00.

The living nativity scene by is also very interesting Greccio, in the province of Rieti, where you can relive the birth of the first crib in history made on Christmas 1223 by St. Francis of Assisi with the help of the Noble Lord of Greccio Giovanni Velita. Among lights, music and a lot of suggestion, it is possible to participate on 24, 26 and 28 December 2022 and on 1, 6, 7 and 8 January 2023.

TO Meldola, in the province of Forlì-Cesena, on 26 December and 6 January from 3 to 5.30 pm a living nativity scene is staged in the Rocca district. Artisans, shepherds and Roman centurions revive the ancient emotions of the birth of Jesus for the XXVIII edition.

While mel suggestive medieval village of Piobbico, in the Marche region, nestled at the foot of Monte Nerone, the Sacred Re-enactment of the Nativity will be represented on January 7th. The in-depth research of ancient uses and customs has ended up involving, for more than thirty years, all the inhabitants who, for the occasion, take on the role of shepherds, carpenters, blacksmiths, innkeepers, weavers, carders and wool spinners , bakers, merchants, priests and mystical characters.

Scenes of daily life from 2000 years ago are recreated for one night in the cellars, entrance halls, squares and along the suggestive alleys of the village, illuminated by the dim light of the fires and torches.

The living nativity scenes not to be missed in Southern Italy

Among the most beautiful nativity scenes in Southern Italy we point out that of Matera which, as you can imagine, comes to life in one of the most incredible scenarios in our country (and beyond). Between narrated voices, lights, sounds and special effects, one is immersed and transported into the magic of that night which saw the birth of Jesus Christ. This year, this unique wonder is staged on December 8-9-10-17-18, 2022 and January 6-7-8, 2023.

The living nativity scene of Tricase, in the province of Lecce. In these parts an entire hill, Mount Orco, is transformed into the Bethlehem of over 2000 years ago. The 200 extras, the 35,000 light bulbs that illuminate the scenario and much more will be staged on 25, 26, 28 and 30 December 2022 and 1, 3, 5 and 6 January 2023, from 17:00 to 20.30.

Also in Puglia, not to be missed is the living nativity scene of Casarano, in the province of Lecce, which is staged on 25 and 26 December and 1 and 6 January. To act as a backdrop to the nativity will be a underground oil mill capable of recreating a suggestive atmosphere but also to show the beauties of the Salento village.

It takes place in the suggestive setting of the Temple of Segesta in Custonaci, in Sicily, the living nativity scene which was usually set up inside the prehistoric site of the Scurati caves which this year is unusable. But the location is perhaps even more incredible. You enter the park in the light of the lanterns, you reach the temple and you discover a Nativity between the imposing columns that seems to belong to an ancient time. It can be admired on the evening of Santo Stefano (December 26) and for the Epiphany (January 5 and 6).

Still in Sicily, at the Scale of the Turks, like every year, the traditional re-enactment of the Nativity takes place. From 10.30 on 21 December, a living nativity scene runs along the magnificent natural staircase of white marl, sculpted by the sea and the wind.

TO Cammarata, a delightful Agrigento village nestled in the heart of the Monti Sicani Regional Park and the Oriented Reserve of the homonymous mountain, on 5 and 6 January the most beautiful living Nativity scene in Sicily comes to life. Here you have the opportunity to experience the birth of the Child Jesus immersed in genuine spirituality, in the beauty of the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, an eighteenth-century hermitage located almost a thousand meters above sea level, in a small oak forest.

Finally, still in Sicily, we point out the living nativity scene of Ispic, in the province of Ragusa, which is one of the most visited in Sicily. Actors, musicians and singers bring to life tales of faith set in incredible caves. You can participate on 18, 25 and 26 December and then on 1-6 and 8 January 2023.

In the picturesque setting of theisland of Caprion the other hand, in the churchyard of San Costanzo in the Marina Grande, the living nativity scene is staged until 29 December, a journey through religion, history but also the traditions of the island of the stacks which can be admired from 4 to 7 pm .

The most evocative living nativity scenes to see in Italy