Netflix: 10 cult films from the 1990s that you must have seen

If every month netflix expands its catalog with new programs, the streaming platform also appeals to our nostalgia. Going through action, humor, romance, fantasy or youth, many films have left their mark on generations and remain as cult as ever! Thus, for the pleasure of (re)discovering them, netflix offers its subscribers a nice selection of feature films dating from the 1990s. After the top 10 of the best horror films or the best comedies for fun, Télé-Loisirs reveals its Top 10 cult films of the 1990s to catch up on on the SVOD platform.

Fight Club, a real slap that will surprise you

A thirty-year-old executive (Edward Norton) who is no longer satisfied with his life as a yuppie formatted by consumer society decides, with an anarchist (Brad Pitt, who had his teeth knocked out for his role), to set up a secret club where men find their virility… by fighting with bare fists! Provocative and nihilistic, this violent satire of the materialistic values ​​of American society leaves K.-O.

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The green Linea movie to watch with a pack of tissues

Very old Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) recalls his years as a death row guard in a Louisiana prison. In 1935, he and his men saw a certain John Coffey (John Coffey) arrive, accused of having murdered two young girls. Physically very impressive, the man is actually gentle and polite. And he has powers… A humanist and often moving epic, led by a superb cast of actors.

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casperan adorable ghost that we never get tired of

Whipstaff Manor houses a fabulous treasure. In wanting to seize it, Carrigan Crittenden and her lover are put to flight by a trio of ghosts. They call in exorcists to free the castle. The pranks of Casper and his friends will certainly appeal to the youngest. The special effects are perfect and the humor lively. This delightfully whimsical tale transitions efficiently from laughter to emotion.

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Movie (1995 – USA)

Love at first sight in Notting Hillone of the most beautiful love stories in cinema

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Hardened bachelor William Thacker (Hugh Grant, who struggles during his kiss scene with Julia Roberts) runs a small bookshop in Notting Hill, London. What is his surprise when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), the biggest star of Hollywood, arrives in his store. So as not to embarrass her, he pretends not to recognize her. Shortly after, he bumps into her on the street, spills his juice on her, and invites her to come change at his house. Anna agrees. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts form the cute duo in this romantic comedy that is both tender and mischievous. In the greatest Anglo-Saxon tradition, the film marvelously mixes emotion and humor. A classic of the genre that is revisited, with happiness.

The Mummyaction and fright are on the agenda… with a good dose of humor

In 1923, American adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser, without waffle, he gives his opinion on Tom Cruise’s performance in the 2017 film), discovers the lost ruins of the secret crypt of Hamunaptra, where Imhotep, the high priest of Thebes, had been buried alive, nearly two thousand years before Jesus Christ, for having sinned with the favorite of the pharaoh. The Brendan Fraser-Rachel Weisz duo works wonderfully in this explosive B series with hair-raising special effects. A great show!

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The Mummy

Film (1999 – United States – Great Britain – Morocco)

Ghostor when pottery takes on a whole new twist

Very much in love, Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) have just moved into a loft in Manhattan. But Sam is murdered during a nocturnal attack. Having become a ghost, he investigates his own murder with the help of a clairvoyant who communicates with spirits. And tries to warn his fiancée of the danger that threatens her… This love story stronger than death is both romantic and amusing thanks to the interventions of Whoopi Goldberg, who wins the day in the role of an eccentric clairvoyant. Patrick Swayze, who plays the wall-passing angel, found it one of his most popular roles.

Men in Black, action and laughter thanks to the duo Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith

The Men in Black, a secret federal agency, is responsible for monitoring extraterrestrial activities on Earth. Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), an experienced officer, soon finds himself working with a newbie, Agent J (Will Smith). Director Barry Sonnenfeld strikes the perfect balance between action, comedy and sci-fi in this inventive and fast-paced film, carried by the impeccable duo formed by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

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Meet Joe Blackthe romance that questions life and death

Death comes to tycoon William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) to tell him of his imminent death. But she offers him an agreement: William will be able to benefit from a reprieve if he guides her for a few days among humans. Parrish then introduces his family to the intruder, who has taken on the appearance of a handsome young man named Joe Black (Brad Pitt). But the meeting of Joe and Susan, the daughter of William (Claire Forlani), will completely change the situation… A fairly long and slow film, but one that immerses us body and soul in the emotions of the characters. Beautiful, romantic and spiritual, Meet Joe Black makes us think and brings a touch of humor.

Freedmenwhen Scorsese once again offers a nugget

In Hollywood, as Martin Scorsese has often demonstrated, mafia and cinema go hand in hand. We owe the director at least two absolute references of the genre: Casino and this adaptation of “Wiseguy”, the novel by Nicholas Pileggi. The filmmaker retraces, over more than two decades, the rise of a man within the New York mafia since the 1950s. Ray Liotta (deceased in 2022), at the start of his career, embodies the hero with an intensity that he will never find. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci sign two masterful compositions of formidable crooks. And Scorsese wraps it all up with his inimitable style, a virtuoso blend of lyricism and cold violence. Stunning!

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Hook or Captain Hook’s Revenge, a must return to childhood!

Peter Pan (Robin Williams) ended up becoming an adult like the others. This overwhelmed business lawyer, who neglects his home, decides to take his family to London for Christmas. That same night, Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) kidnaps his two children in order to challenge his old enemy to a duel. Peter goes looking for them. Any Steven Spielberg film, however minor, has qualities! The proof with this rereading of the adventures of the famous character created by the Scotsman JM Barrie. Steeped in good feelings, this ode to the imagination benefits from a twirling production and a dream cast. A beautiful hymn to lost childhood.

Netflix: 10 cult films from the 1990s that you must have seen