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Dr. Jorge Antonio Ortega G.
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The earth shook last Wednesday, after the training exercises of the Strategic Dissuasion Forces; the defense in charge of responding to possible threats to the Russian Federation, including a nuclear attack.

These military maneuvers were conducted under the command of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin. The training involved the air, land and sea forces, in which ballistic and cruise missiles were launched, the Kremlin said in a statement.
One ballistic missile was launched on the Kamchatkaen peninsula, in the Russian Far East, and the other from the waters of the Barents Sea, in the Arctic. The exercise involved Tu-95 long-range bomber aircraft.

The missions established in the strategic dissuasion practice maneuvers culminated successfully when the missiles reached their targets (report official sources from Moscow).

Strategic Deterrence Forces are equipped with multiple weapon systems: intercontinental missiles, long-range bombers, submarines, surface ships, and naval aviation, which allow them to project force at whatever latitude is required.

The Moscow authorities have been clear about the threat of using nuclear weapons if there are tangible signs of threats to the Russian state.

Anger is extrapolating war scenarios to other dimensions. It’s time to stop the folly of destroying us!

Parallel to the above, Israeli President Isaac Herzog assured that Iran supplies the drones that the Kremlin troops are operating and that they are destroying the Ukrainian infrastructure, as well as contributing to the unnecessary death of human beings, most of them civilians. That is why strong measures must be taken against the clerical state of Iran, which is considered the greatest threat to Israelis, said Israel’s top political leader.

During his visit to Washington, he stated: “Iranian weapons play a key role in destabilizing our world and the international community must learn from their lessons, now and in the future”; Furthermore, he said: “The world must speak with Iran in the same language: a tough, united and uncompromising language.” The head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, at the beginning of the meeting with Herzog stated: “The United States and Israel were united against the dangerous, destabilizing and terrorist actions that Iran is taking.”

There is no doubt that the weapons provided to Russia by Iran are showing dire results in Ukraine, assured the US diplomatic representative.

Within the United Nations Organization, Konstantin Vorontsov (Foreign Affairs official of the Kremlin) threatened to destroy the commercial satellites of the United States and other countries.

He expressed Putin’s anger at the help Ukraine receives to defend itself from the invasion. Western satellites can be considered legitimate targets for Russia if they were involved in supporting Ukraine in military operations.

The Russians have the ability to destroy satellites as proven in 2021, when they launched an anti-satellite missile to destroy one of their own satellites.

Meanwhile, the bombings of the Ukrainian towns continue; one of them is Dnipro, where several injuries and deaths are reported (including a pregnant woman).

The counteroffensive operations continue to be successful, according to official sources in kyiv, recovering more than eighty towns in territories that were occupied by Russian troops.

Anger is extrapolating war scenarios to other dimensions. It’s time to stop the folly of destroying us!

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