Joël Aimé Ouédraogo’s advice to Captain Ibrahim Traoré

This is a column by a citizen, Joël Aimé Ouédraogo, on the national situation.

Dear Burkinabè, the time is serious and the call pressing.

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Burkina is the land of asylum of God and I dare to affirm it without any form of contortion of words. For those who have not yet understood, let them understand once and for all, Burkina Faso is a country of God, if God himself had a nationality, he would be Burkinabè. Not because he denied other peoples but because Burkina Faso, by its name, is the only country that has no limit, no border, no race, no ethnicity, no religion and I forget some.

All the inhabitants of the world as long as they have integrity are automatically Burkinabè or at least can claim to be Burkinabè. Burkina is not only the heart of West Africa, but the Center and the heart of the world. As such, I would like as a Burkinabè, visionary and revolutionary, to provide these precious advices to Comrade President of MPSR 2, TRAORE Ibrahim.

I welcome the advent of the MPSR 2 and wish with all my heart and soul that this time be the right one. I remind you that the success of this coup d’etat is not only indebted to the crackling of arms but also and above all to the fierce and determined will of the “rabissi”, that is to say of the “left behind”, whose moreover, I had predicted the advent on August 22, 2021 on my Facebook page. Above all, it is a great spirituality posed by the collective of CSOs for the Sahel on September 7, 2022 through the symbolic act of the rooster painted in the colors of the French flag which triggered all this.

It is these men of integrity without compromise, without purchase of conscience, who heard the call of the fatherland of dignity and honor, who took to the streets for the refoundation of this nation. Integrity has eluded the majority of politicians and civil society actors. Cunning has replaced their wisdom and their intelligence has become independent of their hearts. October 30 and 31, 2014 was the work of politicians, they themselves admitted it.

The January 24, 2022 coup was the military coup. This coup d’etat is undoubtedly that of patriots and men of integrity. The success of the current government is therefore conditional on this. The atmosphere burns with revolutionary voices and questions of power.

I would like the comrade President of the MPSR 2 of the current power to understand that Thomas SANKARA and Blaise COMPAORE were a duo for the erection of Burkina Faso in the concert of nations. Separated, everyone still fulfilled their duty. Thomas SANKARA baptized the nation Burkina Faso and finally the voice of honest men was expressed in the street to lose power. Blaise COMPAORE baptized the palace “Koss-yam” to symbolize the source of wisdom, he himself was a victim.

As long as a president in Burkina Faso will not justify his power by the card of integrity, he will never be able to sit on the chair of “Koss-yam” even less, to govern the country of honest men. The land of integrity will always burn the seed of falsehood sown in its bowels. It is no longer a question of politics but of patriotism.

The President of MPSR 2 must more than any other president, learn from the past, have a spirit of discernment to be able to establish a power that can save Burkina Faso. The sky of Burkina Faso is quite clear, we easily distinguish the vampires, the corrupt, the dishonest, the saprophytes, the hypocrites, the false revolutionaries, the crooked intellectuals and crooked politicians.

They are naked because exposed by time, the advocate par excellence of men of integrity. Not everyone who has taken the bait from Blaise COMPAORE to date is worthy of helping to manage this transition. It is not an exclusion, it is an awareness to save the country and this despite the speeches that rise to talk about the unity government, etc.

Nor is it a question of going on a witch hunt, it is a question of appealing to worthy and honest men so that the voice of integrity thunders and rings very loudly to the point of converting all the people in their together and to make each Burkinabè worthy of the name. OTHERWISE if the demons have to start preaching from the Bible or the Koran, it will sound very bad in the ears of the saints.

Yesterday the system the divine plan was interrupted with the separation of Thomas Sankara and Blaise COMPAORE, today things are getting back in order, the vampire system is shaking. The vampire of the system certainly drank our blood and ate our flesh, but finally, the sky wanted President TRAORE to be the tomb of the vampire system on the condition that he open his heart to wisdom and surround himself with worthy men.

The people expect him to be the ruthless executioner of the system. Comrade Captain TRAORE has all the cards in his hands to succeed in his mission.

May intelligence and divine wisdom guide the steps of the MPSR 2,

May the wisdom of God guide his steps,

May the land of upright men return to upright men.

That the liberation of the country from the imperialist yoke, the restoration of the national territory within its limits and reconciliation remain its primary objectives.

Concrete proposals will follow.

Joel Aime Ouedraogo


Joël Aimé Ouédraogo’s advice to Captain Ibrahim Traoré