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Adrien Brody currently stars in See How They Run, a loose adaptation of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which critics are already calling one of this year’s most exciting viewing experiences. The film is a murder mystery taken to the extreme, using witty humor and elegant filmmaking to bring Christie’s classic story to life.

Although Adrien Brody’s filmography may not be as extensive as that of many other Hollywood stars, the number of acclaimed projects he has been involved in is surprisingly consistent. He clearly favors quality over quantity, which makes him one of the most interesting actors to watch on screen.

10 The Bloom Brothers (2008) – 3.4/5

The Bloom brothers marked a different kind of draft for Brody, starring opposite Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffalo as a talented con artist whose exploits take him on a dangerous adventure across the world. The film is full of maximalist style and well-tuned humor, much of which is down to the chemistry between Brody and his co-stars.

The Brothers Bloom remains one of the most underrated films in Brody’s filmography, displaying the heights of his talent in a much smaller scale project. The film is also a perfect showcase of Rian Johnson’s abilities as a director, who manages to lift the film far beyond words on the page.

9 King of the Hill (1993) – 3.6/5

Steven Soderbergh’s King of the Hill tells the life story of Depression-era writer A.E. Hotchner, who is forced to survive on his own after his mother is hospitalized and his father was sent on business. It’s a moving story of resilience and independence, brought to life by the precise performance of Jesse Bradford.

Brody’s role in the film is only a supporting role, but he still manages to steal the show every time he appears. It was actually one of his first screen appearances, having appeared on only two smaller projects before that. Many consider King of the Hill to be one of Soderbergh’s best films to date and there’s no denying that it had a huge influence on the direction of Brody’s career.

8 Midnight in Paris (2011) – 3.7/5

For many fans of the genre, Midnight In Paris is perhaps one of the best romantic comedies of the modern era. It has all the typical tropes viewers expect to find in this genre of film, while displaying an overwhelming creativity that sets it apart from the crowd.

Brody plays a minor role as famed artist Salvador Dalí, one of many famous cameos that take place throughout the film. He only gets a few lines in the story, but he certainly makes the most of it and adds a much-needed sense of charm and humor to the film.

7 Darjeeling Limited (2007) – 3.7/5

The Darjeeling Limited marked the first of many collaborations between Brody and Wes Anderson, a Hollywood union seemingly made in heaven. Anderson’s storylines have a very specific tone and atmosphere, which Brody always understands and explores perfectly with his performances.

While The Darjeeling Limited is admittedly one of Anderson’s lesser-loved projects, it still has many great features that set it apart. Whether it’s hilarious performances, gorgeous visuals, or an emotional story, there’s something for everyone with this unique human drama.

6 The French Dispatch (2021) – 3.8/5

With its expansive ensemble, beautiful color palette, and poetic storytelling, The French Dispatch remains one of Wes Anderson’s most watchable films to date. The anthology consists of three separate stories, all brought to life by an extremely talented cast and a very witty storyline that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Brody appears in the first of three stories from The French Dispatch, alongside Benecio del Toro and Lea Seydoux in a thoughtful and gripping tale about the value of art and human expression. It’s perfectly suited to Anderson’s unique style, capitalizing on all of his strengths as a writer and director.

5 Detachment (2011) – 3.8/5

Tony Kaye’s secondment delivers what is undeniably one of Brody’s most moving and insightful performances to date as Henry Barthes, a substitute teacher whose three-week assignment at a local high school shines a light on several truths and revelations about education, individuality and respect.

Barthes is one of Brody’s most interesting characters to date, as it’s impossible to imagine another actor in the role. He brings much-needed care and attention to the character that allows Kaye to navigate this unique story in an unforgettable way.

4 The Thin Red Line (1998) – 4.0/5

The Thin Red Line represents everything that is so great about Adrien Brody’s filmography – a prestige image of war, suffering and conflict whose philosophical storyline makes it one of the best war films of its time. Its influence on the genre cannot be overstated – without The Thin Red Line, there are plenty of classic war movies that simply wouldn’t exist today.

The film was also one of Brody’s first starring roles in a major Hollywood film, and it absolutely knocked him out of the park. He plays a soldier named Geoffrey Fife, whose wartime experiences demand serious vulnerability and emotionality from Brody, which he delivers in every aspect.

3 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) – 4.2/5

Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox has become the go-to example of how to perfectly execute animated stop-motion. The detail in Anderson’s film is utterly unparalleled, with every frame showing a level of detail that most directors could have easily overlooked.

Brody only plays a minor role in the film, but his signature spirit shines just as brightly as in any of his other projects. Fantastic Mr. Fox will forever be one of Wes Anderson’s finest films, proving that family movies can be just as thrilling and thrilling as the rest.

2 The Grand Hotel Budapest (2014) – 4.2/5

For many movie buffs, The Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes Anderson’s crowning achievement as a writer and director thus far. Filled with bright colors and brilliant camera tricks, the film deserves all the praise it deserves for being one of the most creative films of the last few decades.

Brody plays the comedic name of Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis, the greedy son of widowed royalty who is desperate to reclaim his late mother’s fortune. It was one of Brody’s first major roles as an antagonist, and he absolutely shines as one of the strongest members of the movie’s grand ensemble,

1 The Pianist (2002) – 4.3/5

When it comes to the most emotionally devastating movies of all time, The Pianist absolutely deserves its place on this list. Chronicling a Jewish pianist’s journey as he escapes oppressive forces in occupied Poland, The Pianist is rightly admired as one of the finest World War II films ever made.

The pianist also boasts Brody’s most stunning performance to date, proven by the actor’s success at the Oscars the following year. It brings the character of Szpilman to life with vivid authenticity and transparency, making the film’s emotional narrative infinitely grittier.

Find out how they run: Adrien Brody’s 10 best films, according to Letterboxd | Pretty Reel