Mascalucia, the beautiful season inside the “Santuario dell’Addolorata” Spiritual Exercise House

by P. Andrea Lifrieri cp

Summer on me

Not to mock those who during the summer had the opportunity to experience the sea, living on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but with the awareness that time has passed, I would like to reach you by communicating what we have lived in this time in the House of Spiritual Exercises of the Passionists of Mascalucia.

First of all, I feel the need to thank the Lord and those who, in this summer period, have chosen our structure to “refresh themselves in the spirit”.

It has been a very intense season and I would like to communicate the impressions and emotions experienced not only by me, who have been at the helm of the structure for eight years, but by those who collaborate with me, to make the environment more and more comfortable and welcoming.

Feeling welcome is always an emotion that involves the whole person, guests have been welcomed and invited to be welcoming in mutual respect for their needs.

We must not forget that the structure is a House of Spirituality that hosts fatigue, rest, the search for peace and depth.

The Myriam park, inside the structure, is then a real deep and silent oasis where you can taste the flavor of the break between soft lights and Etna coolness.

Having the courage to choose kindness, this is the goal we have set ourselves. In this time of competition, kindness is the secular and Christian virtue that allows us to overcome rejection and not enter into competition.

It is not a product, as it would seem, it is a gesture. It recalls the charism of serving in the full evangelical meaning, giving with the heart what one has.

Someone spoke of the resumption of spiritual experiences, after noticing the flow of guests, I would rather say that the need to stop has always been considered a precious human resource, necessary to leave or restart with renewed energy, both in the vocational journey and in the social commitment of the various ecclesial groups and movements.

There is a lot of talk today about the experience of awareness, of conscious presence, mindfulness.

Meditation schools are followed to learn how to manage the absolute presence of oneself and manage stress and emotions.

The experience of the spiritual exercises is very ancient and has Christian meditation as its foundation, that is, a form of prayer that starts from the awareness of oneself in view of a confrontation with the Word, the only nourishment.

There has probably been an interest in other forms of meditation in recent decades, but the experience of a Christian orientation always remains a significant and valid one.

In the House of Spiritual Exercises of Mascalucia there was also another attention, a lot of work has been done in recent years to achieve what is fundamental in meditation, what experts call the care of the environments, to be able to easily enter the prayer.

Adoration chapels have been created, cared for and frescoed by contemporary artists, furnished common areas to allow you to experience moments of fraternity in familiarity, a very “Sicilian” cut even in the furnishings and furnishings capable of making those who breathe the air of the island. they reach from other destinations.

And yes, because a house of spirituality is always a home, it is not an aseptic, cold and icy place where you find it hard to stay.

Having all this at heart means being capable of passion, being capable of not being enough in oneself, recognizing that life is made up of encounters that know of Christ.

Mascalucia, the beautiful season inside the “Santuario dell’Addolorata” Spiritual Exercise House