Entertainment and fun with the Boys of the Lake in the name of Leo Amici

The RDL Ragazzi del Lago Company arrives in Civitavecchia with two shows: “A kiss in Civitavecchia”, a tribute to the statue of the sailor’s kiss, and the “Cabaret Show”, written and directed by Carlo Tedeschi. Appointment respectively Saturday 27 August h.20: 45 and Sunday 28 August h.21: 00, in the Piazza della Vita.

Why Civitavecchia? The Leo Amici Theater, which is based on the Lake of Monte Colombo in Rimini, is named after an illustrious fellow citizen of this Lazio area, precisely Leo Amici (born in Allumiere in 1923 and lived in Civitavecchia in the 60s and 70s), who he distinguished himself at the national and international level for concrete social actions and above all towards the needy and young people. In 1983 he founded the RDL Ragazzi del Lago Theater Company in favor of the latter, which since then has achieved successes and awards all over the world. Today’s young artists still draw art, talent and beauty from their founder’s roots. The Company is still based today at Lake Monte Colombo (Rimini) where Leo Amici, on the shores of the natural lake, had created a small country dedicated to the principles of peace, love and brotherhood among peoples.

From here Amici started important solidarity actions, carried out after his death by Carlo Tedeschi and Maria Di Gregorio who led many volunteers: from the missions in Africa to the rescue of the children of Chernobyl; help and hospitality for children following the conflict in former Yugoslavia and for Italian populations affected by the earthquake, as well as refuge today for Ukrainian refugees and continuous concrete support with scholarships for young people entering the world of art and work.

2023 marks the centenary of the birth of Leo Amici which the Foundation (recognized) dedicated to him will celebrate with a series of events that will officially start on 7,8 and 9 October 2022 in Rimini (Saturday 8, national debut of the new show by Carlo and Emanuele Tedeschi entitled “Mohican”) and then continue to other Italian cities. The Civitavecchia appointment is therefore an important preview, a tribute by the RDL Company to the land of origin of its founder, thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Civitavecchia and to the welcome of the Mayor Ernesto Tedesco.

By Carlo Tedeschi and with his direction is the 30-minute performance dedicated to the event “A kiss in Civitavecchia” proposed on Saturday 27 August at 8.45 pm in Civitavecchia in Piazza della Vita (free admission) to underline the return to the seafront of the city of gigantic “Sailor’s Kiss” statue, based on Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photo in Times Square, in the heart of New York, (finished on the cover of Life) and documenting the celebrations for the end of the Second World War.

The RDL Theater Company, in fact, will perform in front of the statue with a dozen dancers and a soloist dressed identical to the sailor and the dancers like the nurse. The announcement of the end of the conflict that gave life in reality to the joy of the crowd and the famous kiss immortalized by the famous photo will be described and told with some famous passages: “New York, New York” from the film of the same name, “Singing in the Gene Kelly’s Rain ”; “Tu vuo fa l’americano” by Renato Carosone, “I won’t dance” by Frank Sinatra, “All that jazz” from Bob Fosse’s musical Chicago, “The man with the sailor’s cap” by Sam Moore. After this little historical excursus, the passage “Escape from hell” by Emanuele Tedeschi will underline the end of the war; to follow, Glenn Miller’s engaging boogie boogie “In the mood” will end with the dance troupe in the same pose as the statue.

The conception and direction of this performance is by the author and director Carlo Tedeschi, who wanted to pay homage to the city of Civitavecchia and to the message that the statue, whose real name is “Embracing peace” or “Embracing peace ”, he transmits, that is, the joy of regained peace.

“I would like this event and this tribute, mine and of the RDL Company, – said Carlo Tedeschi – to be one of the voices that rise for peace, therefore a good omen and also a stimulus so that, first each of us in our daily life and then the nations in their confrontation, may all know and want to be builders of peace every day ”.
The initiative was born from the collaboration with the Municipality of Civitavecchia and thanks to the mayor Ernesto Tedesco.

The sparkling show “Cabaret Show” will instead be in Civitavecchia on Sunday 28 August at 21:00 in the Piazza della Vita (free admission). The show had been staged throughout last summer in the open-air arena Teatro Studio 1923 on Lake Monte Colombo (Rimini), with each performance being sold-out. In May 2022 he was also represented in Sicily. It is the last born of the more than 20 shows that bear the signature of the well-known author and theater director Carlo Tedeschi, and sees the production of the Leo Amici Theater, considered the Temple of the Italian musical.

One cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the charm of the song “Willkommen”, leitmotif of the musical “Cabaret”, based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood with music by John Kander, a 1966 Broadway production, which was a great success and inspired the 1972 film of the same name. It is this song that welcomes the audience to the show by Carlo Tedeschi, a potpourri of hilarious gags, ballets inspired by the classics of international entertainment, songs such as “New York, New York”, ” All that Jazz ”, but also a passage in the most beloved Italian tradition, from“ Maruzzella ”to“ Caruso ”. The comic scene of the drama that the Torero lives in his desperate and adverse misfortune is hilarious. The audition scenes were hilarious where a casting lady with a strong American accent examines unlikely candidates.
These are just some of the hilarious performances within the show that ends in the folklore of the Spanish land to meet the Andalusian sounds that marry modern rhythms.
Within the “Cabaret Show” the main protagonist, after having talked with the audience and having offered the delicacies presented on a tray, a “cabaret of pastries” in fact, pays tribute to Leo Amici, Daniela and Carlo Tedeschi, Maria Di Gregorio, decisive figures in the realization of the 1st Theater Company which had distinguished itself for art, beauty and solidarity, from which it all began in 1983 and whose values, crossing several generations, have come down to today.

“Lo Spettacolo di Cabaret” is a production of the Leo Amici Theater in collaboration with the RDL Company.

Interpreters: Francesco Troilo di Carlo, Lucia Brancato, Francesco Di Dio Cafiso, Giada Mecozzi, Matteo Mecozzi, Carmine Passaro, Giosuè Raponi.
Corps de ballet: Chiara Atzeni, Simone Ballesio, Greta Fattori, Alex Fronduti, Sara Paganelli, Veronica Rossini.
Soloists: Simona Imola, Gianluca Raponi.
Choreography: Carmelo Anastasi, Matteo Mecozzi, Gianluca Raponi.
Costumes: Sartoria del Lago.

“A kiss in Civitavecchia” will be staged at:
Civitavecchia Saturday 27 August at 8.45 pm – Piazza della vita (free admission) 30-minute performance on the occasion of the welcome to the statue “The sailor’s kiss”.

“Cabaret Show” will be staged at:
Civitavecchia Sunday 28 August at 21:00 – Piazza della vita (free admission).
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Versatile artist appreciated in the contemporary Italian and international cultural scene. A man of culture, he is a writer, director, theatrical author, painter whose creative activity ranges in various fields, obtaining, over the years, wide recognition. His commitment to promoting the values ​​of peace and human rights earned him the “Artist for Peace” awards in 1991 and the “Peace Purse Prize” in 2009.
A man of profound spirituality who finds concrete expression in particular in the masterpieces of the Italian theater scene that receive public and critical success, such as “Chiara di Dio”, “Patto di Luce – for peace and human rights” (show used by schools for didactics of education to respect the other different from oneself) and numerous original Italian musicals represented in major theaters, since 1986.
a man of social and humanitarian commitment: he has turned all his energies to young people, witnessing and transmitting Beauty, including that of respect for Creation, Man, God. Over the years he meets thousands of children in schools and theaters providing, in addition to academies of artistic training, also keys to reading and understanding reality in order to be active protagonists of their lives with healthy principles and values ​​of sharing, peace, solidarity and respect for human dignity.
With the support of the Dare Association and through the Leo Amici Foundation (recognized body), Carlo Tedeschi has promoted numerous actions in support of the populations of Kenya, Zambia and offered as many concrete aid to Lake Monte Colombo (Rimini), where it is based. the Foundation, to hundreds of children of Chernobyl, to minors in foster care in collaboration with local institutions, also creating the conditions to welcome, treat and assist hundreds of orphans and refugees during the Balkan war, and now, in the headquarters of the Foundation Leo Amici in Abruzzo, also welcoming and assisting refugees from Ukraine.
The Boys of the Lake Theater Company
It is made up of artists aged 18 to 25, all graduates in various artistic disciplines and who have reached high levels of professionalism. Quality performers, some of whom are also teachers of singing, modern dance, hip pop, classical dance, have to their credit the staging of numerous shows, in Italy and abroad, including the recent theatrical season which has obtained wide public approval by recording exciting SOLDOUTs.
The Company is based at the Teatro Leo Amici in Rimini, where the rehearsals take place and where the continuous training of the artists also takes place, thanks to the method adopted for years by Carlo Tedeschi, author and director of over 25 shows also represented in this theater. Parallel to the academic training, it allows young people to try their hand at the stage almost immediately so that direct contact with the public is a stimulus but also a consolidation in the research of the technique. Alongside this, there is also a human and social path, aimed at the search for Beauty, values, civil coexistence and respect for the other, for friendship. Some of the young artists on stage come from families of artists already present in the first RDL Company. A real passing of the baton, from generation to generation, in the name of art, beauty but also the search for fundamental human values ​​that find in the theater one of the highest means of representation.

Entertainment and fun with the Boys of the Lake in the name of Leo Amici