Overview of shows not to be missed this year at the Carré Sainte

Freedom and travel (in the spiritual sense of the term) mark this new artistic season propelled by the Zephyr signed Mourad Merzouki, applauded this weekend. Enough to give wings to a program that delicately “fishes out” half a dozen shows that had been removed from the shelves following the various “pandemic cuts” since 2020. Let us quote the record-man “all categories”, Salif Keita, registered for the 4th time as the “conclusion” of the artistic year!

Overview in the company of the masters of the place, Valérie and Philippe Boronad, who lend themselves to the game of questions and answers on the basis of five focuses refined by category of public. Literary, sports, music lovers, dreamers, instagrammers, or a little of all of this at the same time, choose what you like!

Information and booking on 04 94 56 77 77.

Prices from 6 to 38 euros.

1. “Literary” option

In this category, the “classic”, The Seagull (March 25 – photo above) according to Chekhov imposes itself while shaking up conventions, since cameras will be present on set to capture the on-screen and off-screen performance. A footbridge with a cinema à la Cassavetes dear to the director Cyril Teste who directed Isabelle Adjani in opening night based on the film of the said… Cassavetes! Joël Pommerat for his part continues the reinvention of theatrical writing with Tales and legends (November 25 and 26). “In a future where Artificial Intelligences have integrated homes, this piece questions what makes us human while working on dark areas of our subconscious”. Brilliant and disturbing.

2. “Instagramers” option

The Boom Boom Bum (photo – May 12) by Arthur Perole (Compagnie F) arises here in terms of performance and experimentation with the public. Le Carré will be colonized as a whole “until the end of the night”, with multiple stands (make-up, DJ, confessional, dance, clairvoyance cabinet, live broadcasts, karaoke, etc.) crammed with performers who will accompany the “spect-actors” in their crazy sarabande. Another proposal with Love Train 2020 (March 4) by Emmanuel Gat. A dance show very “visual and fashion” which is based on the hits of Tear For Fears. It’s going to “Shout”!

3. “Sports” option

In addition to physically impressive and completely new performances by handling a multitude of improbable objects, Cirque Alfonse (photo) from Quebec, cultivates a crazy universe that will come out of its cage with Animal (January 27 & 28). “Between the spaghetti western and a lumberjack act”. Another sight to hold your breath, Tap Factory (December 10). An American-style show propelled by live music where overexcited references to Chaplin and hip-hop collide under urban effervescence. Without forgetting the charm of these gentlemen athletes who will not leave these ladies insensitive.

4. “Music lovers” option

Those who have seen it in the past still get the thrill. Youssoupha (May 19) goes beyond his unifying rap this time with a creation that combines gospel choir and Cannes symphony orchestra. As we celebrate ten years of his album Black Desire, this fine pen will revisit his best titles to convince all audiences. Before that, the inevitable Louis Chédid (photo – December 3) and Raphaël (November 12). The latter will deliver “in all its intimacy” with Magnetic tapeshow at the intersection of music and theater “where we go behind the scenes of creation”, in a recording studio. There, he returns solo to the blueprint and “at the source of his songs”. A scenic accomplice gives him the cue. But who is he really?

5. Option “strong dreamers”

The Carré team advises all those who have their heads in the stars Pupo di Zucchero (The Day of the Dead – March 31) signed by a master of European staging, Emma Dante. The Sicilian sweeps subjects such as family, life, mourning…, injecting her art into them. “A plastic writing that gives his stagings the appearance of paintings with, in addition, Italian earthiness”. To finish, The Sun Dance (photo – March 11) will shake up the codes of classical music. Thirty musicians, mixed with two dazzling dancer-performers, will interpret without scores the masterpieces of Mozart and Lully. “An unusual object”, a priori “stunning” in the literal and figurative sense, which therefore risks waking up!

Overview of shows not to be missed this year at the Carré Sainte-Maxime