Warren Ellis: “This book allowed me to reconcile with my brother”

The effervescent collaborator of Nick Cave lifts the veil on his creative process in an exciting first book. Maintenance. It is a literary UFO. Joyfully crazy, abundant, “Le Chewing-gum de Nina Simone” now makes Warren Ellis, multi-instrumentalist, composer and pillar of the Bad Seeds, an outstanding writer. At 57, the prolific Australian delivers with this … Read more

The unknown, the dark, the truth: the soundtracks of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis find the synthesis in ‘Blonde’ | Rolling Stone Italy

“Nick and Warren are both alike and completely different at the same time. There is a courage in facing the unknown, both in life and in a creative way, the will to put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable and the conviction in the strength of all this ». Words by Andrew Dominik, director … Read more