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Cancer September 30, 2022, today the free daily horoscope and the visa tarot in Alicante, show that Cancer is very shy

The horoscope for Cancer today Friday September 30, 2022, will make you see very good things about this very special sign. Today we can see a very shy Cancer who does not know how to act with the person he likes. CHATESOTERICO.COMIt is the divine portal and it will take you to greatness. Join this … Read more

Photojournalism, Canon at Visa pour l’Image

Canon has been collaborating with Visa pour l’Imageone of the leading photojournalism festivals in the world, and will also be featured at this year’s edition, which will take place from 29 August to 3 September in Perpignanin the south of France, during the Pro Week. During the event it will pay tribute to the documentary … Read more