Tibet at Ca’ Foscari (Venice, 8

A “Journey to the East” to discover an extraordinary world of nature, culture and spirituality through the unpublished photographic exhibition of Fosco Maraini, films, documentaries and three days of studies and conferences Three days of study, the screening of two films and a documentary, a suggestive photographic exhibition and various study meetings, within the container … Read more

Venice 79: Chiara, saint and rebel. The movie review

Director Susanna Nicchiarelli is back in competition on the Lido with a non-traditional biopic centered on the founder of the order of abbesses who collaborated with Francesco D’Assisi Il Francesco by Liliana Cavani with Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter and the musical like Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar. The musical humanism of the Anonima … Read more

Cuneo: the exhibition “The colors of faith in Venice: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese” officially inaugurated (PHOTO)

After the suggestive prelude reserved for the press and institutionsthe exhibition “The colors of faith: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese” was officially inaugurated in Cuneo, which brings the art of the three great Venetian painters to the city with five altarpieces, for the first time collected in one place at the same time , coming from as … Read more

Madonna della Salute: in Venice and throughout the Diocese

The veneration for the Madonna della Salute was born from a pandemic. And that icon – of great spirituality as well as of ancient and extraordinary charm – chosen to represent the Madonna is called Mesapanditissa, which means mediatrix of peace: in front of her image the Venetians and the candiotti (the icon came from … Read more

Venice Film Festival: “Religion Today” program presented | AgenSIR

The round table “Dialogue between faiths, from a female perspective” opened the 25th edition, full of contents, at the Lido of Venice. The program has been unveiled from 14 to 21 September: “Religion Today” will bring 42 films in competition from 23 different countries to Trentino, with 11 national premieres, 4 European and 1 international … Read more

Venice Film Festival, Abel Ferrara and his Padre Pio: “It’s not the story of a saint”

Abel Ferrara in private concert at the Lido of Venice (LaPresse) Abel Ferrara is at the Lido with his new film Father Pio. The friar of Pietralcina has the face of Shia LaBeoufwho spent a long time in the convent for this film, starting, he says, a path of conversion. Abel Ferrara, Shia really seems … Read more

Venice, Cristicchi arrives at the Festival of Ideas for the mystical tribute to Battiato

At the Festival of Ideas the Mystical Concert for Battiato by Simone Cristicchi and Amara “We will come back again”. The appointment is Saturday 22 October at 9 pm at the Malibran Theater from Venice “There can be no true spiritual progress if we abolish the poet’s voice, the moment of enchantment and reflection”. Word … Read more

“Towards Venice” the music of Antonio Fresa in a glass

On the occasion of the Venice Cocktail Week, the concert on Saturday 1 October by Asolo Musica – Veneto Musica at the Lo Squero Auditorium in Venice will be a union of notes and “spirits” that mix. A multisensory experience that will combine the music of Antonio Fresa with the cocktails of the San Giorgio … Read more

In Venice, Iñárritu presents “Bardo”. But we didn’t feel the need too much

He is captivating and boring at the same time, he has brilliant ideas and a moment later Fellini-style déjà-vu. She needed a good scissoring. But on the other hand, life, even for directors, is cruel: the years pass, sooner or later the moment comes for the “more personal” film. The clues were not very reassuring: … Read more

After Venice. What prospects for the degrowth movement

Two hundred and sixty-five people (the maximum allowed by the capacity of the classrooms made available by the Faculty of Architecture of the Iuav University of Venice), of all ages and geographical origins, engaged for three days in four plenaries, divided into fifteen discussion groups on topics specifications (from agroecology to transformative economies, from ecomarxism … Read more