Gerard Kleczewski. Banality of evil, fear and truth… Three concepts under the microscope at In Press Éditions

Founded in 1997 by France Perrot, In Press editions publish nearly 60 books each year on psychoanalysis, psychology, personal development, spirituality and health. For more than a quarter of a century, the team at Boulevard de l’Hôpital in Paris has grown and developed, while maintaining a high level of intellectual rigor, which is not incompatible … Read more

Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life | AgentSIR

On the day of his funeral, we disclose the last public homily of Cardinal George Pell delivered last Saturday 7 January in San Giovanni Rotondo at the Padre Pio spirituality center on the occasion of the XX general conference of the Magnificat Dominum Community, a Catholic charismatic community born in Foggia in 1984, by a … Read more

Last homily of card. Pelt. Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life

We believers know well the blessings we have received in Jesus Christ, we know that “The people who lived in darkness saw a great light and that for those who lived in regions of shadow of death, a light has arisen” Isaiah 9.1. We know Jesus’ call, through the Baptist, to conversion: “Repent because the … Read more

Ideas. True nonviolence is an expert in truth and freedom

Truth is not a matter of knowledge alone, certainly not of a knowledge understood in a very limited way as an adequacy between intellect and thing. Truth is experimental, but not in the sense of the need to pursue it through an experiment, which produces what it intends to prove through a limitation of technically … Read more

Patrizia Cerroni, barefoot dancer, in search of the truth

I met Patrizia on stage, more than twenty years ago, as a spectator of her Tosca, in the stands of that Castel Sant’Angelo in which the libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica set the third act of Puccini’s opera. We would have become friends, to the point that she would have lent herself, with … Read more

Do you know who is Simon & the Stars and who is Simone Morandi? The truth

Simone Morandi is recognized by all as Simon & the Stars, the best known and most loved astrologer on the Internet. On the other hand, not everyone knows about his double life. Some call him the Alberto Angela of Italian TV, even though he prefers to be known as an Astro-Blogger and has 36.1 thousand … Read more

Marylinne Robinson: ‘People are very inclined to take as truth what allows them to be condescending’

Did God create the universe, or is it a product and consequence of the laws of physics? A question that seems resolved. However, Marilynne Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American essayist, has specialized in issues of literature, the environment, religion, and spirituality. In his latest analyses, he has worked on the idea that he has called … Read more

Turin Spirituality and the three steps into the world of Truth, Love and Beauty

from Fabrizio Divide The festival, scheduled from 29 September to 2 October, kicks off a series of stages of approach. Among the guests there will be Maurizio Ferraris, Giuliano Boccali and Adriana Valerio Spirituality recognize the divine light that is within us; it does not belong to any particular religion, but to every single man. … Read more

Monthly Social Conference/IAJP and CBI: The Spirituality of Work as a Sign of Faith Lived in Truth

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. Register The Institute of Artisans of Justice and Peace (Iajp) organized, in partnership with Coris Bank International (Cbi), its seventh monthly social conference for the year 2022. Led by the Reverend Father Charlemagne Koudhorot, the meeting took place held at Chant d’Oiseau, in Cotonou. The … Read more