The nun in love with Jesus who faces Artificial Intelligence: total war on clichés

Mrs Davies is a 8 episode teleseries Peacock (HBO in Spain), starring a nun at war against an Artificial Intelligencea story that mixes science fiction, comedy, drama (dramedia?) and intrigue in a risky but addictive way, and develops correct religious intuitions in an inspiring way, although it skids theologically in some solutions at the end. … Read more

Total change: these are the new faces that ‘Around the World in 80 Laughter’ will have

Around the world in 80 laughs is an entertainment format canal Caracol that in its past editions has brought together the best Colombian comedians to share new adventures during fun trips with famous presenters, models and even singers, such as Laura Tobón, Don Jediondo, Suso El Paspi, Melina Ramírez, Boyacoman, Greeicy Rendón, Jessica Cediel, Catalina … Read more

In Paris, interreligious ceremony and action against the Total project in Uganda

Two Buddhist monks, a bishop emeritus, a pastor, a rabbi and an imam, seated cross-legged near a decorated coffin: the image is “unlikely”. These six religious personalities are gathered on Tuesday, November 29, in the crypt of Forum 104 in Paris to protest against the Eacop project (East African Crude Oil Pipeline), the construction of … Read more

#DIMALEINBINI. Federico Palmaroli: “I want to continue to do satire in total autonomy and try TV”

Federico Palmaroli was born in Rome on June 9, 1973. In 2015, he created the social pages The most beautiful phrases of Osho, in which he uses images of the Indian holy man Osho Rajneesh and, decontextualizing them, attributes to that character phrases taken from stereotypes of everyday life in the Roman dialect. In 2017, … Read more