Togo: the great challenges of Bishop Moïse Touho, new bishop of Atakpamé

Bishop Moïse Touho, appointed Bishop of Atakpamé (Togo) by Pope Francis on October 26, 2022/Mgr Moise Touho News facts Appointed new bishop of Atakpamé, in Togo, on October 26, Bishop Moïse Touho says he is ready to face the challenges of his diocese, without fear and with all the faithful, priests and consecrated persons. ” … Read more


IGNORANCE KILLS THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE: TOGO, FROM FRANCE’S CANDIDATE TO PAN-AFRICANISM The liberation struggle for the restoration of the values ​​and principles of living together is the hunt for irrationality, myths, lies. The dictatorship, the oppression to establish its reign is based on the irrational, the myth, the lie. This is what makes it possible … Read more

Togo: meeting with Sister Évelyne Agbegninou, Superior General of the Sisters of Saint Augustin


Sr Evelyne Agbegninou, Superior of the Religious of Saint Augustine/Sr Evelyne Agbégninou Portrait Last April, Sister Évelyne Agbegninou was elected last April Superior General of the Sisters of Saint Augustin. La Croix Africa met this passionate about books who now has to work in the apostolates of her congregation which has to face the scarcity … Read more

Compassion International Togo: New headquarters, same mission


Views: 1155 The new headquarters of Compassion International Togo was dedicated on Friday. It was during a ceremony chaired by Adjovi Lolonyo Apedoh-Anakoma in the presence of the Vice-President of Compassion International Africa, Palamanga Ouali and the National Director of the organization, Olivier Koffi Ahonon. The inauguration of the headquarters was coupled with the exit … Read more

Togo: the Society of African Missions launches its Web TV


The first broadcast of SMA Web Tv Togo, live, on the occasion of its inauguration in Lomé (Togo)/Screen capture/Charles Ayetan/LCA News facts The province of the Society of African Missions (SMA) in Togo has just launched an online television channel. An instrument of evangelization, information and communion at the service of the Church and the … Read more