Savall conducts Beethoven’s “titanic” ‘Missa Solemnis’ for the first time

Addressing the entirety of Beethoven’s symphonies has been for Jordi Savall the previous step to debut now, calmly, the Missa solemnis (18th, at L’Auditori), a “titanic work, full of love, spirituality and magic” to which the genius from Bonn dedicated four years. He finished it just two centuries ago and premiered it the following year, … Read more

Titanic is meaningless without Jack’s death

Since Titanic debuted in theaters and changed the cinematic landscape forever, much ado was being made about the blockbuster’s tragic ending. Millions of moviegoers wept in their rickety movie theater chairs over the untimely death of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio in his role as a career builder) and are still crying on their couches twenty-five … Read more

Blogs | 25 years of Titanic, Avatar 2 and the Cameron recipe: the first numbers of the new ‘circus’ of wonders

Just on December 19, 1997 it was released in American cinemas Titanic announced blockbusters monumental and love story in a celluloid epic comparable only to Gone With the Wind. 25 years after thatexploit the images are still sharp Kate Winslet And Leonardo Dicaprio hug each other on the bow of the ship. In the end, … Read more

“Avatar 2”: “Titanic”, “Tarzan”… These scenes from “The Way of Water” that will bring back memories

It’s finally the big day! This Wednesday, December 14, 2022, the second film in the science fiction saga Avatar is finally projected in dark rooms. Since 2009, the public has been waiting for the sequel to the great 3D adventure thought up and designed by James Cameron. The first film was very inventive in many … Read more

Criticism goes crazy with the sequel to Avatar: “Titanic vibes. Cameron reminds the rest of how movies are made”

The press has already seen Avatar: The Sense of Water (we mortals will have to wait to December 16) and the first reviews could not be more positive. According to the media, the tape fixes all the bugs of its predecessor, is capable of surprising again on a technical level and is presented as a … Read more