“With Viola Davis it is impossible to have the Impostor Syndrome”: ‘The King Woman’, fascinating in front of and behind the cameras

A film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood about the Amazons of the Kingdom of Dahomey that hits theaters this Friday, November 25 and already smells like an Oscar. A couple of months ago it arrived at the theaters on the other side of the pond and it is already rumored that Viola Davis (57) could make … Read more

Syndrome K: Ray Liotta narrates Stephen Edwards documentary about three doctors whose fabricated ‘deadly disease’ saved Jewish lives

The best voiceover in movie history is Ray Liotta’s 16-minute opener to Goodfellas. Sober, serious, almost reassuring, it draws the viewer into a world of brute force, bloodshed and butchery. So it was obvious that Liotta, who died earlier this year, would be the first choice as a narrator for Holocaust by Stephen Edwards documentary … Read more

Stellita and her guardian angel: A book on family inclusion and Down syndrome


In this fourth book by Tere Domínguez O., we are taught that Down Syndrome does not limit either the people who have this condition or their caregivers. She reveals how love and family bonding can be cultivated around people with this condition. In his new book, Stellita and her guardian angel, the author Tere Domínguez … Read more

What is the “hospitalism syndrome” that some babies may suffer from at birth?


Le Figaro has published a long paper on the symptom of hospitalism in foster babies, and it is edifying. This is a heart wrenching article. The Figaro journalist Agnès Leclair published, on August 2, a deciphering of a little-known phenomenon: that of infants with severe depression syndrome following their placement for many months in hospital, … Read more