In Bagnara, the heart of the Citadel of the Immaculate Conception beats, a place of prayer surrounded by greenery

«This place was born after a long discernment conducted some time ago thanks to the guidance of my spiritual father, Monsignor Serafino Sprovieri, archbishop of Benevento at the time. It was he who encouraged me to follow the my intense inspiration to give life to a place of prayer with the heart turned to Mary … Read more

Ezra Miller’s 30th birthday is surrounded by controversy.

Miller, the actor who stars in Warner Bros’ “Flash,” is turning 30 but with a troubled career path. Ezra Miller, the famous actor, will celebrate his 30th birthday on September 30. Meanwhile, details continue to emerge about alleged satanic rituals carried out by Ezra, who is said to have called himself “God” and “Devil”, and … Read more

Umbertide, the village surrounded by greenery

Today we are going to discover a wonderful Italian village completely surrounded by greenery: Umbertide. Located in the province of Perugia, it rises in the territory of the Upper Tiber Valley, dominated by Monte Acuto, in a natural context of rare beauty. But what to see in this suggestive place? What to see in Umbertide … Read more

Five retreats around the world to practice yoga surrounded by breathtaking settings

The marketing of the practice of yoga and its subsequent global success is hardly a thing that happened today. If over the years this discipline, which originally has nothing to do with the spectacularization that in some cases we witness today, has become part of the lives of many, it is also thanks to the … Read more