Hassan Benjelloun: This is not a film about Sufism, but about life

In Jalaleddine, it is still and always about tolerance. HASI-HASHram Weekly : When we talk about films on Sufism in the Maghreb countries, we think of the achievements of the Tunisian Nacer Khémir, The Beacons of the Desert, Bab Aziz, The Lost Necklace of the Dove. However, in your film, the image of Sufism is … Read more

“What is interesting is to bring the culture of Sufism into the agora”

Met at the 15th Festival of Fez of Sufi culture, its president, Faouzi Skali, also an anthropologist, reveals the particularities of this edition which continues until October 29. The opportunity for the president who describes Sufism as a civilizational matrix to highlight the contribution of this great event to this spiritual city. All while expressing … Read more