Religion has calming effect on young people’s mental health, study finds

A prejudice wants that young people are less and less interested in religion, in belief more generally, and that they are more sensitive to agnosticism, atheism or indifference. A study by the Springtide Research Institute challenges this received idea. If young people turn away from religious communities, it is not necessarily for lack of interest … Read more



Marvelli’s formation between the Salesian oratory and Catholic Action (1) When the Marvelli family settled permanently in Rimini in 1930, the boys began to attend the Salesian oratory in the parish of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice. In years in which education, starting with the ballila, was like goals believe obey, fight, at the oratory Alberto instead … Read more

Study calls for indigenous wisdom to be included in climate policy


Barcelona (Spain), Sep 29 (EFE).- A new international report defends that the knowledge of indigenous peoples and local communities could contribute more to the fight against climate change than many current strategies, which is why it advocates including them in political decision-making processes on global warming. The report, published as a white paper, has been … Read more

“There is a lack of a study on the reality of the dissemination of palliative care”


A CCNE member from the research sector, Gilles Adda is one of the signatories who expressed a “reservation” on opinion 139 in favor of “a way for an ethical application of active assistance in dying”. He explains to Aleteia the reasons behind his decision.According to him, we are not sure that access to palliative care … Read more

The most outstanding authors of late medieval European spirituality, under study at the UCV


The IVEMIR-Catholic University of Valencia meeting will also reflect on the leading women in the writings of the time It will analyze female holiness in these centuries, the writing of Isabel de Villena and other mystics, as well as female devotion expressed through art The opening speech. by the professor Rafael Alemany It will be … Read more

The UCV celebrates an International Symposium to study the most outstanding authors of late medieval European spirituality


The “Institut Isabel de Villena d’Estudis Medievals i Renaixentistes” (IVEMIR-UCV) and the Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) celebrate the International Online Symposium from October 5 to 7 ‘Protagonists and authors in the late medieval European spirituality’. This meeting of experts focuses on the study of … Read more

“The spirituality of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini”, meeting at the Theological Study


Finally, after the long pause imposed by the pandemic, the Lenten meetings to prepare for Holy Easter finally resume, organized by the Association Lane of the Saint-Placido Cortesean association which aims to spread Christian thought and culture inspired by the charism and teachings of Saint Anthony of Padua, and which promotes the … Read more

Apart from ephemerides, the study of the Conquest


Two books on the history of confrontation and miscegenation whose publication exceeded the emblematic commemorative date of 500 years, are the work of full-time researchers Luis Barjau and Guillermo Turner. And it is that the theme, endless, for which the UNAM collections “Mexico 500” and “1521. A bundle of lives”, cannot stop, according to its … Read more

Study day Sharing between public and private social services

The possible cure between mental health and integration of services EPASSS Onlus Foundation in collaboration with the CSM area 3: Friday 17 June 08.30 – Villa De Grecis – Bari Bari, 16.06.2022 – Sharing between public and private social services for the possible care between mental health and integration of services.This is the goal of … Read more