Pope Francis appoints commissioner to strengthen the service of Caritas International

The Holy Father has decreed to promote a process of renewal of the body dependent on the Vatican Curia, after verifying the need to especially strengthen the management of people. VaticanNews Through a decree of Pope Francis, published at noon this Tuesday, November 22, Caritas International (CI) is preparing for a temporary administration, to improve … Read more

Russia is about to strengthen the anti

Homosexuality was a criminal offense in Russia until 1993. (Depiction) Moscow: Russian lawmakers on Monday called for a tougher anti-gay law and the Kremlin ordered costly patriotic education projects as Moscow pursues its conservative policies in the country and its troops fight in Ukraine. Russia’s lower house of parliament, the Duma, held a consultation session … Read more

Lula takes to the streets with Alckmin and seeks to strengthen the vote of the middle class

In this city of São Paulo, where the tropics pass, the day dawned unusually cold: barely 11 degrees, wind and drizzle. But the Anhangabaú Valley, in the heart of the old center of the São Paulo capital and a place wider and longer than the Plaza de Mayo, was filled with citizens with various banners, … Read more