New moon of September 25, 2022: these 3 signs will be particularly impacted

Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with … Read more

10 signs of ‘ancestral spirits’ and how to know if they are with you

The spirits that have the greatest impact on you are those that were family role models, impacting your life or your family as a group. These role models are called matriarchs or patriarchs, and these ancestral spirits exhibit at least 10 common traits while they are alive. Related news Here are 10 signs of an … Read more

Which horoscope signs are lucky this year?


Want to start the new year with the greatest of advantages? Astrology professionals reveal the 3 luckiest astrological signs for the coming months. Because they are not completely based on science, astrology still helps many of our lives. In addition, it is useful to think about the year that is currently coming. Which signs should … Read more

3 zodiac signs that will have a beautiful day this Wednesday, June 29


Neptune is the planet that rules unconditional love, dreams, spirituality, fantasy and illusion. It is at home in the watery realm of Pisces, where it blossoms with eternal optimism and hope. Related news You need some Neptunian energy in your life. Still, too much can cloud your vision, making it impossible to discern what’s real … Read more

Synchronicities: what do these “signs” mean and how to live with them on a daily basis?


This article was published in the magazine #36 September-October 2021>> To find the list of points of sale is here To experience synchronicity is to offer yourself the opportunity to realize yourself by welcoming the events that arise when you need them, in response to your deepest thoughts and your existential questions. This is the … Read more

Sagittarius and Sagittarius, compatibility of signs in love, friendship and work

The compatibility of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is total. In an almost perfect combination, they will maintain excellent relationships both in friendship and at work and, of course, in love, where they will become the best lovers. When two Sagittarius are together, there will be no room for boredom because they have very similar interests and … Read more

Astrological signs: dates, elements and characters

The practice of traditional astrology goes back several millennia, from Greece to ancient Egypt, via Mesopotamia. The construction of horoscopes was used to follow the movements of astral bodies, which, according to astrology experts, predicts future events. The astrology chart is based on the constellations of the zodiacal belt and contains twelve astrological signs. The … Read more

Astrology: the signs of the zodiac who will be very lucky during the year 2022, are you one of them?


Astrology is certainly not an exact science, but it can be useful in helping to make important decisions in life. In order to plan his new year for example, the horoscope can show great support. Moreover, during this year 2022, the sun will particularly shine for these three signs. Astrology, a help to face certain … Read more