Marseilles. Lecture by Manoël Penicaud: ‘Pilgrimages and shared holy places in the Mediterranean’

Terminal zero of the road to Santiago de Compostela, located on the forecourt of the Accoules church in Marseille (Photo BV) Manoël Pénicaud endeavored to present the frequentation of holy places as well as the practice of pilgrimages on all the cardinal points of the Mediterranean. What emerges is a complex and abundant contemporary reality, … Read more

The École française de Rome hosts the photographic exhibition: “Shared Sacred Places”

The exhibition offers the visitor a journey of exploration of the Mediterranean which touches various places of worship. It is a smaller version than the original, accepted in previous years by some of the world’s most important museums. Dionigi Albera, one of the curators: we would like to bring the fullest version to the capital … Read more

“The Marquesan tattoo is an inclusive art that is shared”

On November 3 at the Grand Théâtre de la Maison de la culture will be a screening of the documentary “Patutiki, the art of tattooing in the Marquesas Islands”, in a remastered version with a view to conquering international markets and festivals. A film which received the audience award at FIFO 2019, and whose making-of … Read more