A traveling healer in Chiclana: “I am not a shaman, this not only has to do with the esoteric world”

Journey into the interior and shamanic rebirth. In recent years, interest in spirituality has grown in society. Hard times, stress for the heart and a wave of disturbing worries. To deal with problems, shamanism is at the service. An ancient tradition that dates back to the Paleolithic takes place in Andalusia, where more and more … Read more

The shaman Van De Sfroos in Belluno: “I sing a return to the roots of the country”

There is excitement for the return of Davide Van De Sfroos to the city. The singer-songwriter from Como will be on the stage of the Teatro Comunale on Saturday at 9 pm, for the first lucky appointment of “Words and thoughts” (also included in the billboard of “Belluno Città del Legno”): already over 500 tickets … Read more

Norway: Princess Märtha Louise abandons royalty for her shaman fiancé in Hollywood

She says she speaks to the angels and is going to marry a self-proclaimed “shaman”: Norwegian princess Märtha Louise announced on Tuesday that she would give up her official duties to carry out her controversial activities with her fiancé. “I regret that the princess no longer represents the royal house. She is very good at … Read more

Norwegian Princess Marta Luisa gives up her royal duties to focus on alternative medicine with her shaman fiancé

Drafting BBC News World 12 minutes image source, Getty Images Caption, Marta Luisa from Norway and her fiancé, self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett, at a recent event in Oslo. Princess Martha Louise of Norway has resigned from her royal duties to focus on the alternative medicine business she runs with her fiancé, a self-proclaimed shaman. Although … Read more

Märtha Louise from Norway: 5 things to know about her fiancé, the confusing Shaman Durek – Gala

In June 2022, the Norwegian monarchy experienced an unprecedented situation: the engagement of Princess Märtha Louise with Durek Verrett, an American shaman. But who really is this mysterious spiritual guide? Here are 5 things to know about the man who made the fifty-year-old’s head spin. Their relationship challenged more than one in 2019. Märtha Louise … Read more

Nîmes: the Cévennes shaman Loup Blanc, a teacher of sexual harmony, remains in prison for rape

Cyrille Adam, 70, is the subject of a dozen complaints from former followers who denounce sexual assault, rape and abuse of weakness. He disputes everything. The small forty followers who unconditionally support the White Wolf shaman will still have to wait to see him again. This Thursday, October 6, the Nîmes Court of Appeal decided … Read more

Martha of Norway breaks the mold and marries the shaman: who he is and where they met

The heart is not commanded, even if it is that of a Princess. She knows it well Martha Louise of Norwaywho three years after the tragic suicide of her ex-husband Ari Behn, announced the engagement with the shaman Durek. Not frowned upon by many in Norway, he sees himself as a star guru, and even … Read more

Princess Martha of Norway and her marriage to the shaman

Orange Blossoms Coming for Princess Märtha of Norway and Spiritual Guide Durek Verrett. The two have announced that they are close to the wedding through a post uploaded to Instagram. The princess and the shaman. This is the title of the conferences held by Märtha Louise of Norway together with colleague, partner and shortly husband … Read more

The incredible story of Rubén Armoa, the Shaman of Argentine celebrities | Direct Panning

When did you realize you had the gift?From childhood, at age 7, I felt the need to do rituals, light candles, buy saints. He told people things that were going to happen, and they came to pass. As a child he was a little witch, and in my family he attracted attention because nobody had … Read more