Glenda León, music with sculptures and drawings in the sky of Madrid

As a trace of the silence in the confinement, we have been left with the echo of “listening” that today stars in the rhetoric of politics, also cultural, as a beginning for dialogue in a shared, more horizontal and democratic forum. But that we often appreciate that it multiplies in abstruse chatter without results. More … Read more

MuseoDivino, Dante’s micro sculptures at the Certosa in Florence

on show NoonNovember 14, 2022 – 4:09 pm The Neapolitan museum presents the Same collection with the art historian Marco Collareta and the Italianist Carlo Ossola, an event sponsored by the Florentine Municipality from Mon. Mar. The Divine Museum of Naples presents Wednesday at the Certosa di Firenze (at 5 pm) the tiny works of … Read more

Charm and cult of the “Sacred Spirits” Mysterious African sculptures between art and rituals

At the Palatine Chapel of the Maschio Angioino the largest exhibition on the «fetishes» of the Songye people NoonOctober 28, 2022 – 9:44 pm At the Palatine Chapel of the Maschio Angioino the largest exhibition on the «fetishes» of the Songye people from Natasha Festa H.horns on the head, pointed and curved, shells instead of … Read more

His work was exhibited in the Vatican. Enjoy the sculptures of this artist in Miami for free

“Pareja”, by the master sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, is exhibited at the Maurice A. Ferré Park on the occasion of “A bridge of light”, a free outdoor exhibition. amanda rose It’s not every day that you can see amazing bronze and marble sculptures made by a master whose work has been recognized by the Vatican. … Read more

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore hosts Ai Weiwei’s solo show, including glass sculptures and LEGO installations

by Editorial staff, written on 08/05/2022, 12:26:37 Categories: Exhibitions / Topics: Contemporary art Ai Weiwei’s solo show entitled La Commedia Umana – Memento Mori will be set up on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice from 28 August to 27 November 2022. Also on display is the largest suspended Murano glass sculpture … Read more