Patriot deputies, save our churches!

According to the Observatory of Religious Heritage, quoted by the Senate report of July 6, up to 5,000 churches could be abandoned or destroyed by 2030. This heritage crisis affects our entire territory, particularly rural areas. Recent illustration: the Saint-Martin church in Nuzéjouls closed to the public and to the faithful due to the risk … Read more

What if we called on God for help to save Life on Planet Earth? –

Faced with the current state of the planet and its future, 67% of French people say they suffer from eco-anxiety34% believe that their “eco-emotions” affect their daily mental health. A particularly marked trend among 16-25 year olds, 75% of whom judge their future “scary” While everyone is wondering how to contribute to the construction of … Read more

SOS, let’s save the Casanova abbey with art

Like every year, on Sunday 18 December at 9 pm, I was invited by the President Bruno Giordano of the “Friends of the Casanova Abbey” Association to the traditional Christmas Concert and subsequent refreshments. The Casanova Abbey is a magnificent abbey complex located in the remote countryside of Carmagnola, in the hamlet of the same … Read more

God save the queer, Michela Murgia’s latest literary effort

The last literary effort of Michela Murgia has as its title God save the queer-feminist catechism (Ed. Einaudi, Stile libero series, page 152). After Ave Mary, the well-known Sardinian writer tackles the controversial relationship between feminism and religion with a refined dialectical verve and feels the overwhelming need for “understand which aspects of life and … Read more

Giulio Votta in Santiago: On stilts to save street art

An initiatory journey, a journey between spirituality and art: this was the journey to Santiago of Giulio Votta, the eclectic artist from L’Aquila who traveled 160 km on stilts. Giulio Votta is an extraordinary theater actor, a talented street artist, a complete actor who has made art his reason for living and that he decided … Read more

René Boiero: “Understanding that nature is the other is the essence that will save us”

René Boiero, speaker, lecturer and therapist of the soul offered a few words at the IV International Congress on Sustainability organized by Change16. He focused on spirituality, abundance, nature, and sustainability. In Latin America, Boiero is widely known for having consulted with the main presidents of the region. Away from political pragmatism, he provides leaders … Read more

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage – Apps on Google Play

Google Pay is a safe, simple, and helpful way to manage your money, giving you a clearer picture of your spending and savings:– Pay at your favorite places– Send and receive money instantly– Earn rewards for everyday payments– Understand your spending & improve your financial health 📱MAKE PAYMENTS FAST & EASY Send & receive money+ … Read more

Vittorio Gassman, the Italian actor and director whose mother took an ‘n’ from his last name to save him from the Nazis

AJN Agency.- Tomar is a small historic town in central Portugal, about 145 kilometers northeast of Lisbon, best known for the remains of an impressive Templar fortress and a magnificent monastery that attract many visitors. Less known is the Synagogue of Tomar, the oldest Jewish prayer house in Portugal, which reopened its doors at the … Read more

Richard Gere: “Festivals will save the collective experience of seeing a film”

Host of the Magna Grecia Film Festival, Richard Gere took the opportunity to remember the importance of community, art and the pursuit of one’s own happiness. Richard Gere is one of the protagonists of the edition number 19 of Magna Grecia Film Festivalthe event conceived and directed by Gianvito Casadonte, and during the meeting with … Read more