“From the ancient altars to the cult of Satan” to the “intensive course of esoteric crimes and destructive cults” by criminologist Sergio Caruso

Friday 28 October, from 5 to 8 pm – during the Psycho-juridical Interdisciplinary Training course entitled “Intensive course esoteric crimes and destructive cults, mental manipulation in cults: analysis of real cases”Held by the well-known criminologist of Calabrian origins, Sergio Caruso – the scholar and expert Antonia Depalma will speak. The writer’s intervention will focus mainly … Read more

Delivered to the New Age, “a shadow” began to follow her: “I came into contact with Satan and worshiped him”

the of Maria Eugenie It is one more of the hundreds of cases in which a happy and promising childhood is cut short by family breakdown. In his case, he remembers that both in his childhood and in his adolescence he had “a strong desire” for God in his life, as a result of the … Read more

Father Pawel Sawiak: Blaming everything bad on Satan allows some to wash their hands

“In many cases, what we attribute to an evil spirit as personal evil is due to our history, condition, mechanisms.” “You are not a pawn on God’s chessboard” warns the Polish priest Paweł Sawiak, a well-known author of books on spirituality, at the beginning of his interview with the magazine Gość of Poland, landing some … Read more