The Nigerian ambassador in the “Salvation Gate” church in Ferentino welcomed by the councilor Magliocchetti and the mayor Mastrangeli

A day steeped in great spirituality but also with a high institutional profile: it was the one that took place yesterday, Sunday 30 October, at the “Salvation Gate” evangelical church in Ferentino, a reference point for a large Nigerian community whose members reside in various municipalities of the province. The presence of the Nigerian ambassador … Read more

The mystery of Christ’s Ascension as an anthropological paradigm of salvation

Invitation to read the volume by Don Cosimo Quaranta entitled “Fullness. For an anthropology from the Ascension “(TAU publisher) by Célestin Kabundi* What does affirming that the Lord dwells in heaven, looks at humanity from heaven and at Christmas “from the stars” what does it really mean? It is a richness of language to be … Read more