Salerno Classica, second edition Sacred December: homage to Perosi

SALERNO. The Sacred December of Salerno Classica is starting, promoted by the Music Management Association, led by the cellist Francesco D’Arcangelo, ranging between different musical genres and prestigious guests, aiming to recover the values ​​of music in a perspective of dynamism, innovation, experience and dialogue, which led the management to obtain funding from the Single … Read more

Father Galliano, the priest “disheartened” by 6 bishops challenges the church in Salerno: «I speak to the faithful. They won’t stop me “

history NoonOctober 24, 2022 – 13:17 Father Giuseppe Galliano can no longer celebrate mass or administer the sacraments I have rented a room and will talk to the people, in Italy thanks be to God there is freedom of speech from Gabriele Bojano open war between father Giuseppe Gallianoresigned from the congregation of the Missionaries … Read more

Daniele Gatti and the spirituality of Metamorphosen | Chronicles Salerno

by Olga Chieffi After an “extra-cultured” appointment, dedicated to French film music and the performance of Enzo Avitabile, tomorrow evening we return to the Verdi theater, at 8 pm, for the concert of the Mozart Orchestra conducted by Daniele Gatti, at the head of a international artistic project of great originality and value, a formation … Read more

San Michele: in the places and times of change | Chronicles Salerno

A place of high spirituality is the cave dedicated to the archangel in Olevano sul Tusciano, among the faithful in procession, brigands and Lucifer evicted with a kick By Aristide Fiore The Grotta di S. Michele Arcangelo, in Olevano sul Tusciano is a highly symbolic place, where ancient and contemporary paths cross which enrich its … Read more

Salerno, at the Ghirelli theater the new edition of ‘Casa del Contemporaneo’

SALERNO. Casa del Contemporaneo (CdC), is a community of people and artistic professionals all different and all necessary: ​​an open space inhabited by actors, directors, set designers, musicians, authors, technicians, communicators, organizers … The construction of the community takes place through paths and collective images, moments of sharing and mutual exchange with young and old … Read more

The Church of San Vito and Sant’Alberto. Testimony of an ancient Faith of Fratte | Chronicles Salerno

by Salvatore Memoli The places of worship of Fratte are linked to important testimonies that make the small territory, closed between the river Irno and the Via dei Principati, an important reference to the living Faith of the inhabitants. Sometimes, there is a strong need of the heart to rediscover important stories of history, to … Read more