Culture in Pinar del Río at the center of society

Sincere, transparent and fraternal can be classified the dialogue held between the members of Uneac and the candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power for the municipality of Pinar del Río. An exchange in which collective construction for a better province and country was the starting point. The presence of Abel Prieto, … Read more

Bernard Rio (The gates of the sacred): “In a sanctuary, nothing is trivial and every detail is significant” [Interview]

Bernard Rio has just published a book (published by Ar Gedour) entitled “Les Portes du Sacré”. How to visit a church? Which door to enter? Which way to walk? Where is the Stone of the Dead? Why are the baptismal fonts placed to the northwest? How to interpret the ornamentation of the place, for example … Read more

Rio Negro

Repression and eviction against the Mapuche people-nation in Villa Mascardi by federal forces l Photo: Eugenia Neme The communities, organizations and pu lamgen of the Mapuche Nation People, accompanied by human rights, social, union and political organizations called, through a statement, for an interprovincial march of Río Negro and Neuquén from the territory of the … Read more

Mapuche nation. Coordinator of the Mapuche Parliament in Rio Negro: to the President of the Argentine State Dr. Alberto Fernández

Latin American Summary, October 7, 2022 Nehuen M. LONCOMAN, INDIGENOUS COUNSELOR for the Andean Zone and in exercise of the PRESIDENCY of the Council for the Development of Indigenous Communities Co.De.CI, Co-Management Organization between the Mapuche Tehuelche Communities and the Government of Río Negro and enforcer of the Law Integral Indigenous No. 2287/88 designation recognized … Read more

Villa Mascardi: Mapuche Parliament of Río Negro requested a dialogue table

The entity’s spokesman criticized that in the last 24 hours there has been a solitary confinement. Photo: Telam The Coordinator of the Parliament of the Mapuche Tehuelche People of Río Negro, together with social organizations, held a press conference in San Carlos de Bariloche in repudiation of the actions of the security forces in the … Read more

Violento operativo represivo de fuerzas federales argentinas a comunidad mapuche en Villa Mascardi, Río Negro

Contingentes de distintas fuerzas federales arribaron esta mañana, antes de las 8, a Villa Mascardi donde iniciaron un operativo represivo contra la lof Lafken Winkul Mapu, con una orden de desalojo dispuesta por la jueza Silvina Domínguez. Fotografía portada: Indymedia Argentina El conflicto en Villa Mascardi con el Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu es un emergente … Read more

Mapuche nation. Coordinator of the Mapuche Parliament in Río Negro: Times of Wiñoy Tripantu and Identity Reaffirmation

Latin American Summary, June 24, 2022 The completion of a cycle and its renewal with the return of the Sun or Wiñoy Tripantu find us the members of the Mapuche Tehuelche people immersed in the struggle for territorial discussion, its recovery and its defense. This cycle that is ending has a journey through the territory … Read more