Now and rest | Go on vacation to the convents to rest your body and spirit

There are names that, just by pronouncing them, are capable of evoking images of serene beauty, and of recalling moments, places, sensations that are linked to paths of search for one’s self. To the need to get away from the stress of the daily routine, to get back in shape mentally and physically. The relived … Read more

MAINTENANCE. With “Rest a little”, Gad Elmaleh pays tribute to his parents

Gad Elmaleh premiered his latest film “Reste un peu” at the La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival. After the screening, we met the actor-director of a very personal film. (Article originally published last October) All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon Gad Elmaleh, in your latest film “Reste un peu”, you play your own … Read more

Criticism goes crazy with the sequel to Avatar: “Titanic vibes. Cameron reminds the rest of how movies are made”

The press has already seen Avatar: The Sense of Water (we mortals will have to wait to December 16) and the first reviews could not be more positive. According to the media, the tape fixes all the bugs of its predecessor, is capable of surprising again on a technical level and is presented as a … Read more

Gad Elmaleh in the midst of a crisis of faith in “Rest a bit”

Second film by and with Gad Elmaleh, “Reste un peu” recounts the spiritual journey of this Sephardic Jew towards Catholicism. In the form of an autofiction, this intimate feature film oscillates between confession and humour. After three years of living the “American dream”, comedian Gad Elmaleh decides to return to France. He misses his family … Read more

Spirituality: meditation, a way to enter into rest

How do we respond spiritually to the restlessness and fatigue of modern times? How to trace a path to rest when everything around us promotes curiosity and insatiability, permanent mobility and performance, generating an unprecedented level of stress. “We have come to a point in history where stress has become universal and a very serious … Read more

Quantum Code: the rest of the series hopes to bring Scott Bakula back (and we want to believe it)

Scott Bakula has already said no following Quantum Code but his showrunner still hopes that the comedian will save the series and bring fans back. Ambitious project or risky crash, the cult series Quantum Code just resurrected on NBC. Thirty years after its last episode, the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett finally have a sequel … Read more